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 "We are all Refugees in the HUMAN RACE, we need your Help. . . . .      
DR DAVID CLEVELAND     508-487-1981

The future has many names. For the weak, it’s 

unattainable. For the fearful, it’s unknown. For the bold, it’s ideal. 


David Cleveland;  Educational Consultant, 

Professor, Masters in Critical & Creative 

Thinking, Statesman, Copy Writer, Builder of Social 

Programs, Cooperative Designer and 

Joyful Team Player and full time resident 

JANUARY 1, 2017


My name is David Cleveland and I want you 

to know why I have submitted my resume to the 

Selectmen at Town Hall, along with supporting 

references, education, and challenging experiences. 

I've done this now, to let the Provincetown 

Selectman know that there is a Person in Provincetown that is qualified, knows why we need Paradigm change, and is not afraid to embrace it.


Full Definition of PARADIGM 1 : example, pattern; 

 especially : an outstandingly clear or typical example 

 or archetype]


To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, 

be nothing.     ARISTOTLE

The former Governor, Deval Patrick, was quoted as

" Close Pilgrim Nuclear Plant"and yet nothing has happened.

Dr. Helen Caldecott has stated "Cape Cod is Dangerous ,

especially for women and children. . ." Our first agenda is

to make sure that Pilgrim Nuclear Plant is shut down, just

as the Yankee Nuclear plant, in Vermont was, a week ago 

We've been through enough by not having

a Manager for almost a year, and watching 

even more Businesses and Residents moving 

out. Watching how our homeless 

population has increased and the struggle 

we have finding groceries that are under 

$5.00 each. 

Soon we could loose all of our 

young families, there's no affordable places 

to live and prices are off the wall for many. 


As a team we can turn all this around,

while  creating more jobs and more businesses, and

a much safer, more joyful place to live.

Why did the last Consultant, appointed 

board and the previous Selectman, give us 

Richard Reinhard as the new manager? 

A person who hadn't even considered, 

or been able to solve, his own personal

housing and it's costs, before  

backing out of the Manager posit Why

 are we faced with having to go through, 

yet another very expensive  process, of 

finding, interviewing and deciding on yet 

another candidate. Why not consider 

myself as the qualified man for 

Town Manager, a man we need, to accomplish 

that which the above 

"Run Away Bride" COULD NOT!

I have a copy of his resume flown in from 

Washington D.C. if you'd like  to view it

and discover

why he was not a good qualified candidate.

He signed his resume Richard Rein*hard

and drew a small heart right where the asterisk above is!

 I look forward to you, writing a letter, 

an email or phone call, mentioning to 

the  Selectman, and your friends, that I 

live here, am qualified, and have a Masters 

Degree from U. Mass. Boston, in Critical 

and Creative Thinking, and a Boat load

of other varied, professional and Paradigm 

changing experiences. 

Also, consider why hiring a Manager now, 

can save having to redo the expensive, 

time consuming, manager search and the 

money that we will save. 

Isn't this worth an immediate consideration 

for a new manager, Now?

Why must the next Manager be a good fit for 

the Position, and not be afraid to make 

the People of Provincetown feel safe and 

good about living here, once more? 

Why can't he be someone that will jump 

right in, and ensure that we will start 

growing again, and are able to use and 

build on our most excellent history and 

people of Provincetown?

To make P/town shine, with personalities 

we already have, and show other 

towns that we are capable of solving 

many of our problems  NOW! That 

is the question that is the most important

As a group of people who live on Cape Cod Massachusetts and all of the many towns that know the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant as their close neighbor, It time for action, it's time to look closely at Fukashima, Japan; Three Mile Island; Hiroshima and Chernobyl. 

An explosion in Plymouth could also be the end of the beginning here in Provincetown (1620)- (2015). 

Cape Cod and our surrounding towns could be uninhabitable soon. Once this occurs Cape Cod has no escape route, most people here will die, and their Playgrounds, schools, children, businesses, grocery stores, Post Offices, Monuments. Police and fire Departments, the wildlife; cranberries; sand dunes, water and ocean, will die and what's here will be gone forever.

For many people Cape Cod use to be their playground.

For many others that still live here, it's always been your playground. And for those today (2015) , that love and visit Provincetown, and the rest of our enchanted villages and the other towns across the bridges. . .We are in big trouble now!

We have allowed the Corporations and the State to condemn us all with the danger of a Nuclear Disaster! And what's worse is, with the exception of the very few, we are still depending on our Politicians, the State and others to give us the feeling of Safety and “It will all be OK, you can depend on us, we've done everything we could for you, etc, etc”.

If you read the Reports from NRC; FEMA; MEMA AND THE OWNERS of The Power Plant, you know That Cape Cod is all doomed to an explosion, and that it is already leaking radioactive Tritium  into our Air and Water.

And there is no escape, evacuation is impossible! The agencies above have stated that all they will be able to do, is the clean up after the explosion. 

They will not be able to enter the area for many months. In Fukashima Japan you still cannot enter a huge area, because it's still radioactive. Some of the Cesium Radiation in the area could make Fukashima uninhabitable for 130- 500 more years.

The Reactor in Plymouth is 40 years old, it now has the distinguished standing of being the Reactor that has been shut down the most  in the entire U.S.because of leaky bandages applied earlier. This Reactor was built by the same people that built the Fukashima Reactor. Watch the Video of 4 Scientists visiting Fukashima, Japan and the Dangers they recently encountered it's on Provincetown.Town. click on the menu link on the left that reads. ."FUKASHIMA SUNDAY DRIVE

For more evidence on the Government trying to poo poo the Pilgrim Plant be sure to read all of the information that The Cape DownWinders have posted on their site... Especially about a local Plymouth Judge ignoring Dr Helen Caldicotts attempt to testify as an expert.

Dr. Helen Caldicott testified that it isn't simply the potential for a major nuclear meltdown at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station that should have people worried. Cancer-causing chemicals are constantly escaping from the reactor into the air and water, she said.
"If I had young children, I would not live on the Cape," said Caldicott, a doctor who taught pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and was on staff at Children's Hospital Medical Center in Boston. "And if I was a pediatrician here, I would advise parents to leave. It's a very dangerous situation."

We may not have any time left. It's time we all went to the StateHouse and TOLD the Governor, once again, of the Dangers to our Cape Cod and the towns nearby. OK surprise yourself by reading what the Cape Downwinders have found and get on the bus with all of us.

David Cleveland www.Provincetown.Town

This is a link to the Dec 10 Meeting of the Provincetown Selectman's Meeting. They have arrived to find a way to attract a new Town ManagerClick here

Letter to Selectmen:

Honorable Selectman

Provincetown Town Hall

260 Commercial Street

Provincetown, MA.02657

The Town has been without a Manager 

for almost a year, and we are also 

missing our Police Chief for a similar 

amount of time. Finally, after all the 

work of a paid consultant, and all the 

time, and interviews, the 12 member 

search committee was presented with 

20 or more candidates. The selectman 

were than given three names for their 

decision. And, they chose a man from 

Washington, D.C. (Richard Reinhard) To 

be the next manager. After a short week 

or two, he decides that there was no 

room in the Inn for him, and his partner 

and himself left and returned to 

Washington. Leaving all of us, holding 

the empty 'Executive Search Bag'. At 

this time it looks like a new consultant, 

and a new search committee, is to be 

chosen, to spend even more money and 

maybe another year of time to find 

another Town Manager. We will have 

spent a lot of our money looking 

around for a new manager, and putting 

our Town into disarray if something 

can't be done soon

Thinking Outside the Box, I have 

decided to be a Candidate, and ask 

that you consider myself, a local resident

as the New Town Manager. I consider 

myself as a superior individual, motivated, 

articulate, and able to use a hands-on 

approach in managing Provincetown as 

a team. 

am outstanding in my focus, disciplined, 

and innovative. And as a productive, 

driven person, I will bring with me a 

formal education and history of 'Thinking 

Outside of The Box'. I am one of the few 

people that have attended the University 

of Massachusetts, and achieved a Master 

of Arts degree in the discipline of 'Critical 

and Creative Thinking' (Sept. 1997). 

U/Mass is one of the few 

Universities in the U.S. that have a C.C.T. Department. 

I will enclose a copy of the Departments 

Curriculum Requirements, and additional acknowledgements of how I have used 

C.C.T in my everyday life before College, 

and additional information and 

acknowledgements that I have received 

since my successful graduation,Sept.1997). 

I personally, don't see all of my education 

and training to be the only issue that you should be looking for. I look at 

'How I will Fit' as a person, to yourself, 

the other Selectmen, and to the Town 

members, as the most outstanding, and 

highly motivated, Critical and Creative 

Candidate (that lives in Town).

I have worked on many of the Towns 

current needs such as Citizens and 

Businesses moving out, the high cost 

of living, and the need to have lots of 

small cottage industries to support our 

community and to create the money we 

need to operate and thrive. We have to 

greet our tourists in a much more 

outgoing way. I have many ideas for 

these and other changes that will be 

deadline-driven. I will have programs to be looked at by the team (that's all of us) and implemented as quickly as possible on my day of appointment.

We have to think 'What IF' frequently, 

*What if the tourist industry collapses?

*What if Gas prices go up again, up to 

$5.00 or more a gallon? 

*What if The Plymouth Nuclear Plant . . .

  -well you know! 

*What if MEMA has said “There is 

no-way we can evacuate Cape Cod, 

that they will have to wait it out until 

it's safe, and than we will go in and help”! 

Oops! MEMA has already stated that.

Fukushima is still waiting for their 'All 

Safe' call. And Chernobyl (1986) is still 

not 'Safe' either.

So we have to prepare for Emergency 

Evacuation. For ourselves and the 

anticipated people from down Cape 

heading towards Provincetown, not 

towards Plymouth. We need to create 

answers as how this will be accomplished, now.

I have enclosed my Resume and also a 

personal questionnaire, that Tony Robbins 

asked me to take a couple years ago. 

This is their feedback from that 

questionnaire. I thought it would be 

helpful to see how an outside agency 

viewed me (IMX Innermetrix-Seven 

Dimensions of Value and Motivation 

and Executive Summary) Also included 

will be news clippings, and references 

and other proof of who I am and my 

skills of Social Building, and my extensive 

and varied professional history. I've included 

much more than is usually accepted as 

I sense a need of urgency. The urgent 

reality is that I can save Provincetown 

a lot of Money, by your not having to 

redo the search for another Candidate, 

seems a viable reason for me to act 

quickly, as I have done.

Respectfully yours,

David Cleveland

David Cleveland AA; BS; MA; hon.Phd

and Critical & Creative Thinker.

My Resume follows:

current : Consultant Homeopath 

Wedding Planner & Officiant

2005-2007 City Councillor Delegate to 

School Committee, Chelsea MA.

1998- 2003 Professor of ESL -

Admissions Counselor

-Curriculum design and -

Implementation of E.S.L. using 

Critical and Creative Thinking 


Bunker Hill Community College -

This work was concurrent with 

Bookstore Management below.

Rutherford St., Charlestown, MA 

Main Campus

Hawthorne St., Chelsea, MA. 

Satellite Location

At main campus (Charlestown) 

appointed as an Admissions counselor

Curriculum design and implementation 

of E.S.L. using Critical and Creative 


1998- 2003 Manager, Barnes and 

Noble College Books

Bunker Hill Community College

175 Hawthorne St

Chelsea, MA.

Staffing, ordering books and stock, 

creating display, maintaining liaison 

with College

1995-1998 General Manager

Stagecoach Inn

Main Street

Groton MA.

Using Instructional Design techniques

improved the operation of this historically 

old, and barely surviving restaurant and 

turned it into a profitable workplace for 

the owner. I put structure into place; 

cleaned; reorganized all records and 

updated the dining rooms. Trained staff 

to be more customer friendly, and replaced 

the bar areas, to be more appealing and 

productive. With a very limited budget 

was able to raise the profits by 35% 

within 3 months of the above adjustments.

1991-1995 Homeopathic Consultant

Comprehensive Medical Services

555 Commonwealth Ave

Newton MA.

Under Direction of Dr James Doyle O.D. 

Acted as a Consultant for Dr Doyle's 

chronic patients, using Homeopathy 

and nutritional information and treatments. 

Maintained patient records

1985-1991 Agriculture Inspector U.S.D.A.

Logan Airport, Boston MA

Boarded and searched all incoming 

International flights and confiscated 

prohibited items. Part time to support 

college studies

1978-1985 Vice President

Arica Institute of America

24 West 57th Street, N.Y.C.

After attending classes as a student for 

a year, the President of the school 

invited me to help him develop the 

school into an international operation. 

Created additional three locations in 

New York City. Shortly later we built at 

least one center in most of the U.S. States, 

and others in 6 foreign countries. 

Developed and managed recruitment; 

training; curricular development; realty 

acquisition; and financial oversights. 

Staff of 250, and student estimates of 

22,000 at it's highest enrollment.

Formal Education

Feb 1977 N.D. Bernadean College 

Los Angeles CA. Homeopathic Medicine 

& Herbals. ,  Naturopathic 

Certificate (school is non accredited)

Aug. 1985 Certificate, Mass. Maritime 

Science Institute Summer 'Science Teachers' workshops and training

May 1987 A.A Bunker Hill Community 

College, National Honor Society1986; 

Admissions Counselor.

Highest Honors

May 1991 B.S. University of 

Massachusetts, Boston; Earth Science; 

Secondary Education; MA. Teaching 


Sept 1997 M.A.University of 

Massachusetts, Boston, MA. Graduate 

School -Critical and Creative Thinking, 

German language, Instructional Design. 

Masters Degree in Critical & Creative 

Thinking which gives me a framework,

into which I can put any work, or project 

that I am creating, to obtain results that 

are welcome and fresh.

Jan. 2002-2004 Student- 

U.S. Emergency Management Institute, 

Washington D.C. 

12 Certificates.

Feb 2009 Penn Foster, Pennsylvania, 

Credentialed as Wedding Consultant

Jan. 1970-2010 PhD in Spiritual Studies, 

Universal Life Church CA.

Occupations, Diversions and Social 


Nov. 1970 Ordained Minister, Universal 

Life Church CA.

Mar. 1975 - Current 2014 MA. Notary 


Jan. 1975 MA. Justice of the Peace

Aug. 1982 Ordained Minister M.S.I.A 

Los Angeles CA.

Dec. 1980 Presidential Candidate- - 

Wellesley College, Framingham, MA  

Aug. 1985 U.S.Dept. Of Transportation- 

Captain of Security for the Department 

of Transportation, Cambridge, MA 

Responsible for many millions of dollars 

of U.S. Govt. property and slightly over 

1000 employees, and 12 member Guard 

Force. Gov. Liaison Dennis Sullivan

Sept. 1975 Professional Radio Licensee 

KB1LK Radio staffing and command center coordinator, with Red Cross National Guard, and Police. 3 Hurricanes

Produced, and edited, 6 videos for 

Provincetown Television 

Created and offered free E.S.L. Lessons, 

in Provincetown.

Studied college courses in Instructional 

Design, and have built 3 websites.

Police officer for the City of Cambridge, 

MA. 5 years Aux. Dept.

Emergency Room of Cambridge City 

Hospital, actively assisted in urgent 

patient events.4 years

Possess many Documented, letters & 

awards, Newspaper acknowledgements, 

and volunteer work positions for 

communities of Cambridge MA.

Braintree, MA and Chelsea MA. (many are enclosed)

Elected as a Chelsea, MA, CityCouncillor, 

appointed as Delegate to Chelsea School 


Speak Intermediate German, beginning 

Russian  and 52 other languages well

Student- Earth Science Teacher, Brookline, MA. 

120 students, 4 classes daily. All students 

received a passing 'A' mark

Managed 165 apartment units, for 

Bardfield Realty, in Boston. Real estate 

sales, leases and management, 6 years

Captain U.S.A.F. A. Ground flight Trainer, 

Hanscom Air Base, Bedford MA.

Professional Radio Operator KB1LK , 

Radio Coordinator at Red Cross Storm 


Three years study (non credit) Harvard 

University School of Government, 

Fellowship courses

U.S.Govt. Fire Administration,Emergency 


MA. Horticultural Society Built Medicinal 

Flowers Display, Two years, Boston Flower Show

Surgical Technician St, Vincent’s Hospital 

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Member USAFA Built Braintree, MA. 

Airport with help of other Squadron 


Carpet installation and sales 

Boston, Braintree- Owner 2 stores

Manager and Skating Instructor Prudential Ice Skating Rink Boston 

Volunteer Fire fighter Plymouth and 

Gloucester MA.

Samaritan Of The Expressway Assisting 

Police & Motorists with emergency events- Director

Harvard University 

Undergraduate Proctor of Examinations 

Princeton University Proctor for Entrance 

Exams at Harvard University SAT, MAT, 


Current Network Subscriptions To:

F.E.M.A. ,U.S. Customs Border Patrol 

And Immigration, Boston Globe, Cape 

Cast, N.P.R., Dept Of Justice, US.Drug 

Enforcement, Earth Justice,

The White House, 

Humane Society Of U.S., U.S.D.A

Food & Drug Administration, E.P.A, 

Union Of Concerned Scientists, Humane 

Society, Dept. Of Defense, 

U.S. Fire Administration, Sierra Club, 


Mentors: Alan Watts- Zen Buddist; 

Oscar Ichazo- Arica Institute; John Roger

 M.S.I.A, CA , N.Y.C. Russ Bishop Insight 

Trainings N.Y.C. & Miami Fl. ; Steven 

Spielberg Newport R.I. & Providence R.I.

Homeopathic Internships: Dr Archie 

Keigan M.D. Dr. Henry Diffenbach M.D. Dr. James Stephenson M.D. 

David Cleveland

P.O. Box 92

Provincetown, MA 02657



Your mentioning to the Selectman 

that I live here, am qualified, and 

have a Masters Degree from U. Mass.

Boston, in Critical and Creative Thinking, 

and a Boat load of other varied and 

useful experiences, is the only way to get 

the Selectman's attention. 


Questions Call me 508-487-1981.

                Why not David?