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P R E S S  R E L E A S E
October 13, 2005
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Court Case:
Stephen Barrett, M.D. vs. Tedd Koren, D.C
. and Koren Publications,
 Inc.Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County for the 
State of 
PennsylvaniaCourt Case No.: 2002-C-1837

(Dr Barrett had his Doctors License revoked EVEN 



San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


Dr. Tedd Koren, DC


Quackwatch Founder Stephen Barrett loses Major 
Defamation trial in Hometown

In a stunning development, Lehigh Valley 
Pennsylvania Judge J. Brian Johnson 
on Thursday, October 13, 2005, tossed out nationally 
known self-proclaimed 
"consumer medical advocate" Stephen Barrett's 
defamation lawsuit just minutes before it was going to be
 considered by a local jury.
The lawsuit, filed in August 2002, against also nationally 
known Pennsylvania 
chiropractor, lecturer, researcher and publisher, 
Dr. Tedd Koren sought 
unspecified damages against Koren and his company, 
Koren Publications, Inc. 
for statements that he wrote in his newsletter in 2001 
about Barrett. Barrett, 
a long-time nemesis of chiropractic, filed the lawsuit 
because of Koren's 
publication that Barrett was "de-licensed" and "in trouble 
because of a 
$10 million lawsuit" and because Barrett was called a 
"Quackpot." In his defense, 
Koren contended that the statements were true and not defamatory and that he had a First Amendment right to 

write them in his newsletter.

Thursday's ruling by Judge Johnson represented a major 
reversal of the finding 

of an arbitration in August 2004 wherein a panel of three 
local private attorneys

reviewing the case had found in favor 
of Barrett and 
awarded Barrett $16,500 in 
damages and that Koren should publish a retraction. 
That award was appealed by
Dr. Koren was represented by well-known health freedom 
San Juan Capistrano, 
California, attorney Carlos F. Negrete for trial and 
Washington, D.C. attorney 
James Turner of Swankin & Turner. Easton, Pennsylvania attorney Christopher 
Reid of Laub, Seidel, Cohen, Hof & Reid served as local counsel for the team 
and was co-counsel for the trial along with Negrete. Turner and Negrete have 
been well known for their representation of clients in the health food, supplement
 and vitamin industries as well as representing naturopaths, nurses, dentists, 
physicians, chiropractors and complimentary therapists across the country. 
Turner's experience dates back to the 1960s when he joined consumer advocate 
Ralph Nader and was one of the groundbreaking Nader's Raiders that made 
consumer advocacy popular and brought about significant changes in 
manufacturing and consumer protection.
In making the ruling to throw out the case, Judge Johnson granted a rare 
directed verdict to the jury finding there was insufficient evidence to support 
Barrett's claims. Judge Johnson indicated that this case was one of those 
"rare times" where such a motion was appropriate.
Barrett operates the web sites , and 20 other 
web sites and has been a long time critic of chiropractic calling much of it 
"quackery." The victory to chiropractor Koren comes almost 18 years to the 
date that chiropractors received national attention with their victory against the
 American Medical Association (AMA) by obtaining an injunction against the AMA
 from an Illinois federal judge for engaging in illegal boycotting of doctors of 
chiropractic in Wilk et al vs. AMA. Barrett had been an outspoken supporter of 
the AMA at the same time that Koren had been a vocal advocate that the AMA 
has, in recent years, violated the spirit of the federal judge's order.
After the ruling, Koren proclaimed that: "I am overjoyed and enthusiastic that 
this nightmare is over and that the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic 
and the work of all of my colleagues have been vindicated." "This case took a 
toll on my life and family, but I knew that I was right in publishing the truth." 
"Dr. Barrett has no right to misinform the public about chiropractic and other 
natural healing arts or to try to silence anyone who criticizes him or tell 
consumers that he is not what he purports to be." "I believe that it is not right 
to be silent when there is a duty to inform the public and let the truth be told."
For years, Barrett has touted himself as a "medical expert" on "quackery" in
 healthcare and has assisted in dozens of court cases as an expert. He also 
was called upon by the FDA, FTC and other governmental agencies for his 
purported expertise. He was the subject of many magazine interviews, including 
Time Magazine and featured on television interviews on ABC's 20/20, NBC's 
Today Show and PBS. He has gained media fame by his outspoken vocal disgust 
and impatience over natural or non-medical healthcare, including his criticisms 
of two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling.
Dr. Tedd Koren is known for his writings and lectures on chiropractic science, 
research, philosophy, and chiropractic patient adjusting. He is known for his 
Koren Publications chiropractic patient education brochures, posters, booklets,
 books and other products that are used in chiropractors' offices throughout 
the United States and around the world. Dr. Koren also co-founded a chiropractic
 college, is on the extension faculty of two chiropractic colleges, is published in 
chiropractic and bio-medical journals and has received numerous awards in his
 field. His web sites include and 
In his 2001 newsletter, Koren published articles that revealed that even though 
he touted himself as a medical expert, Barrett had not been a licensed physician
 since the early 1990s. He also published that Barrett had been the subject of a 
$10 million racketeering lawsuit [that had been withdrawn] and called him a 
"quackpot" for the contradiction of his web site and lack of credentials.
Koren's trial attorney, Carlos F. Negrete of San Juan Capistrano, California, 
is known for his defense of physicians, chiropractors, dentists, clinics and 
natural heath providers who practice what is known as complimentary & 
alternative medicine and holistic healthcare. Negrete has also handled 
groundbreaking cases against HMOs in California and has represented many 
celebrities and politicians.
At trial, under a heated cross-examination by Negrete, Barrett conceded that 
he was not a Medical Board Certified psychiatrist because he had failed the 
certification exam. This was a major revelation since Barrett had provided 
supposed "expert testimony" as a psychiatrist and had testified in numerous
 court cases. Barrett also had said that he was a "legal expert" even though he 
had no formal legal training.
The most damning testimony before the jury, under the intense cross-
examination by Negrete, was that Barrett had filed similar defamation lawsuits 
against almost 40 people across the country within the past few years and had 
not won one single one at trial. During the course of his examination, Barrett 
also had to concede his ties to the AMA, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and 
Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
This was not the first time that Negrete was a trial attorney in a Barrett case. 
He also represented anti-fluoridation advocate Darlene Sherrell in a federal 
lawsuit filed in Eugene, Oregon by Barrett. Barrett also lost in trial of that case. 
Negrete also represented Frank King of King Bio Natural Medicine of North 
Carolina and MediaPower (manufacturers of CalMax and Nu-Zymes) of Maine in 
cases filed by an organization led by Barrett, which were lost by Barrett's 
organization. Barrett has also filed a lawsuit against Negrete and his client 
Dr. Hulda Clark (author of The Cure for All Diseases and The Cure for All Cancers), 
which is now pending and awaiting trial in San Diego, California federal court. 
After the Koren trial, Negrete stated: "The de-bunker has been de-bunked. 
I am pleased and satisfied with this outcome for Dr. Koren and am proud that 
Dr. Koren did not succumb to the pressures of the intimidation of Barrett's legal 
wrangling." "Not everyone can stand up to someone as well known as Barrett."
Negrete continued, "It is another great day for health freedom and alternative 
healthcare around the world. I am especially pleased that this most important 
victory was in Barrett's own hometown. It just goes to show you that there is 
justice anywhere, even when you are a visitor challenging the home team. 
Barrett is a shill for the medical and pharmaceutical cartels and his bully tactics 
and unjustified discrediting of leading innovators, scientists and health 
practitioners should not be tolerated." 
Negrete said, "You can be assured that our legal team will be wherever health 
freedom advocates and practitioners are being persecuted. The tide is now 
turning and people are no long accepting that synthetic drugs are the only 
way to address health concerns. Every day, consumers are becoming more 
educated about the benefits of holistic and alternative methods. This is something 
that the medical establishment obviously fears and wants to crush with false 
Koren said that he would now go back to his home in Pennsylvania to spend 
more time with his family and continue to write, research, and lecture on 
topics concerning chiropractic and healthcare and the experiences he has 
gained from this precedent setting legal battle. He plans to give new lectures 
to chiropractors across the country who are under attack or have been 
subjected to governmental actions. He also announced that he is forming a 
new organization aimed at informing and assisting chiropractors across the 
The trial started on Monday, October 10, 2005 and ended on October 13, 2005 
Barrett was represented by local Allentown attorney, Richard Orloski.
To be removed from this list please click hereSent by:Tedd Koren, DC c/o 
Koren Publications, Inc. 777-K Schwab Road Hatfield, PA 19440
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Dr Barrett Of Quackbusters is an M.D. and has lots of disproving experience. Together with Randi the magician they could sour the world if you choose to listen to them. Click on the Bird, NEAR BOTTOM OF PAGE !


The Quackbusters
Vitality May 2002

By Helke Ferrie

“The great mass of people will more easily
fall victim to a big lie than a small one.”

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1925

My first encounter with Quackbusters was on November 10,1998, when a public debate was sponsored by the American College of Toxicology in Orlando, Florida. The speakers on one side were Albert Donnay and Grace Ziem, both with Johns Hopkins medical school and experts on multiple chemical sensitivity. The Quackbuster representatives were its founder Stephen Barrett and Ronald Gots, the founder of the Quackbuster branch, Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute. Both men are also directors of the American Council on Science and Health, another branch of Quackbusters.Their presentations were later published in the prestigious International Journal of Toxicology (vol. 18, no.6, 1999). The debate focused on whether chemical sensitivity is a psychological or a biological condition. In front of an audience of several hundred people, and aware that the entire debate was being video- and audio-taped, Gots stated that prestigious university-affiliated authors of a (named) main-stream peer-reviewed journal had recently provided incontrovertible proof, on the basis of rigorous scientific study and experiment, that chemical sensitivity was a psychological condition.

Gots was followed by Johns Hopkins’ speaker Albert Donnay who informed the audience that this prestigious study was fictitious. The authors were fictitious, too. Even the journal was fiction. A gasp went through the audience.Amazingly, Gots made no attempt to answer. Even more astounding was the body language of both Gots and Barrett. While the audience was audibly shocked and murmurs were going through the crowd, those two Quackbusters leaned back in their chairs, fiddled with their pens in the bored and relaxed manner of total self-assurance awaiting the next item on the agenda.

How is this possible? I asked myself. If this had happened to a university professor, his tenure would be in jeopardy and his chances of ever getting published again in a peer-reviewed journal would be zero. Sure, some university professor lie and cheat and fudge the data, and occasionally huge government investigations into science fraud are launched, such as recently in Germany - but never does this happen so outrageously, brazenly in full public view. If cooking the data to support a favorite theory is like the skilled production of counterfeit money in a secret basement operation, Gots’ performance was like a bank robbery in full daylight.

A bona fide researcher, even if he is a crook, must at least appear to be honest. But if your work is supported by an infinite money source, nothing much matters. Gots’ and Barrett’s job seems to be to keep lies circulating so doubt remains strong and fuel is given to the self-defensive all-too-human tendency to dismiss unpleasant information as scare-mongering. Such propaganda provides a highly effective break for change and saves billions of dollars for those whose products and practices would otherwise be compelled to change radically. So, who funds Quackbusters?

Birds of a Feather

The main Quackbusters are Ronald Gots, Victor Herbert and Stephen Barrett, retired physicians all who appear in countless public venues, many high profile, to air their views on how untold millions are being poisoned by vitamin C, why we should fight for the right to have fluoride in our water, avoid unhealthy organic foods because they lack those protective pesticides we urgently need, and trust in the absolute safety of mercury amalgam fillings. Global warming is a silly scare perpetrated by individuals in need of psychiatric help, and vaccines cannot possibly cause health problems. On Barrett’s web site one finds in-depth article on everything he believes is fraud (amounting to roughly one fifth of the US gross national product). The most personal and viscous attacks are reserved for the likes of Linus Pauling and many leading lights in current medical research.

For Barrett and friends nobody -absolutely anybody - has any authority. The alternative crowd is for them as bad as, the (alas!) progressively more and more deluded mainstream such as the World Health Organization, the NIH, the FDA, the White House task force on complementary medicine, Harvard and Johns Hopkins medical schools, and any other serious person or institution trying to make sense of the world’s ills. As for good old-fashioned research, the only democratic tool humanity has got by which to establish what is real and what works - that’s only permitted in Barrett’s world as long as the results fit his opinion. In the world of Gots and Barrett there are no surprises. They are trapped in a black-and-white movie from the early 1950’s and they want us all to be trapped in it too. In a detailed analysis of why doctors turn to complementary medicine, Barrett diagnoses them as suffering from paranoid mental states, fascination with the paranormal, profit and prophet motives, psychopathic tendencies, and boredom.

That last item is closer to the truth than even Barrett could stand: I have had literally hundreds of doctors tell me at international conferences on environmental and complementary medicine that they were bored to tears with prescribing drugs and have their patients return for more and more drugs, getting sicker and sicker. Then they switched to real medicine (the kind inspired by Hippocrates who 2,500 years ago taught about clean air, water and wholesome food) and being a doctor became exiting at last. “Life began when I stopped seeing drug reps,” one said, and another sighed happily, “I haven’t used my prescription pad in years. I am not sure where it is.”

Barrett tells us that “Neither Quackwatch nor I have any financial ties to any commercial or industrial organization” and “Quackwatch has no salaried employees” and is funded by personal donations and profits from publications. “If its income falls below what is needed … the rest comes out of my pocket.” His and Gots’ pockets are interesting, to say the least. The funding sources of their organizations were readily available on the Internet until recently; in the early ‘90’s he stopped disclosing such information. The last annual report to list donors was published 1991 where we find all our toxic friends: Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland (both of genetic engineering fame), the Nutrasweet Company (neurotoxic aspartame etc.), Union Carbide (as in Bopal disaster), the producers of pesticides, fertilizers, and fluoride Dow Chemical, Dupont, Cargill etc., the biochemical warfare and pharmaceutical producers Eli Lilly, the Uniroyal Chemical Company, all the big petroleum and pharmaceutical companies, and various refined sugar producers and refined food producing giants. Two thirds of the world’s economy is controlled by this list of North American Big Business. With friends like that, who needs to worry about telling the most fantastical lies in public?

To test Quackwatch’s insistence that it is based on public support, I applied to become a member in 1999. First I was told that the annual membership fee was US $25,000. I said, “That’s fine, send me the membership application form.” Was I calling on behalf of a corporation? No, I informed the person, who then said, “We prefer corporate members.”

Stephen Barrett, a retired psychiatrist, has written 49 books debunking what he identifies as health fraud. He also enjoys debunking UFO’s and experiences of the paranormal. He operates six Web sites. In his CV he claims that he did peer reviewing for some of the top medical journals (e.g. New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association). Since the peer review system is secret, there is no way of verifying this claim.

Of course, mainstream medicine has as much trouble discriminating between what’s sound and what’s dubious in medicine as the rest of us. So, it came as no surprise that in 1999 Quackwatch was able to convince the New England Journal of Medicine to co-host a conference on a critical appraisal of alternative medicine. The journal's justly famous then editor, Marcia Angell was the keynote speaker, but rubbing shoulders with Quackwatchers did not impair her find mind and sound judgement. All the hype and tongue clicking notwithstanding, the conference produced lots of sound stuff. Angell’s editorial integrity is now the stuff of legend, as she sounded the wake-up call for medical publication rules and standards of ethics with her June 22, 2000, editorial. She identified the rot by asking to whom the pharmaceutical industry is accountable and argued that it is time medical research does some serious soul searching. As of September 2002 the rules governing conflicts of interest in medical publication have been re-written worldwide. Barrett’s friends are having a hard time, at last - as is his entire organization, because the law suits against Quackwatch are increasing in number and seriousness. Check out for the details.

By Their Works Ye Shall Know Them

So observed Jesus 2000 years ago with astute psychological insight – fortunately, that cuts both ways. Serious long-term irritation can produce magnificent pearls. Quackwatch’s Dr. Victor Herbert specializes in vitriolic smear campaigns. Linus Pauling describes his many irritating meetings with Herbert in Linus Pauling in His Own Words (1995): “Here is this …. Victor Herbert, who to this day keeps writing papers and giving speeches saying that no one benefits from taking extra vitamins, and he won’t even look at the evidence…. I finally became sufficiently irritated by this fellow that I decided I ought to do something about it. So I sat down one summer … and in two months wrote the book Vitamin C and the Common Cold." [1971]

Quackwatch’s negative influence is formidable. The formula of their attacks on health freedom is fairly simple and easy to detect and its success depends on persistent repetition. The Quackwatch formula simply requires citing scientific literature that is outdated, irrelevant or non-existent. Only the specialist or nitpicking investigative journalist will ferret out the truth. In attacking the White House Commission on Complementary Medicine (annual budget of US $ 50 million at the National Institutes of Health) initiated by President Clinton in March 2000, Barrett devotes enormous amounts of cyberspace to its condemnation. Triumphantly he informs the browser that even members of that task force have broken away in disgust and made their dissent known publicly. What really happened can be found in the rather reliable March 28, 2002, issue of the world’s premier science journal Nature. Two members of that task force stated that more money should be allocated towards research into complementary medicine, and that the task force’s final report would have been better if it had cited even more research to support its suggested program of action.

Quackwatch also delights in using the medial regulatory systems to go after doctors who have strayed from the One True Barrett Path. The State of New York is currently holding hearings (the equivalent of a public inquiry) into the inappropriate way in which the disciplinary process has been used, with Quackwatch “expert” witnesses, to stop doctors from using complementary medicine. The popular radio show “The Touch of Health” was relentlessly attacked with viscous and insulting e-mails by Ontario Quackwatch member Dr. Polevoy until the show was closed down. One of the worst examples of Quackwatch’s power comes from Nova Scotia. In the early 1990’s the faulty air filtration system at Halifax’s Camphill Hospital caused 900 people to become seriously chemically injured and today more than 300 remain permanently disabled. When these cases began to come before Workers’s Compensation tribunal in the late 1990’s, it was Ronald Gots who appeared as the “expert”. The expert opinion reports, accepted by the tribunal, weren’t even signed by doctors and Gots explained that the secretaries could be trusted to know the physicians’ intentions. Gots’ expertise caused all claims to be denied and the claimants were encouraged to seek the help of a psychiatrist. Enter Johns Hopkins researcher Albert Donnay who provided the whole truth and nothing but the truth, scientific and legal, to the appeals board. Since then case after case has been won on appeal.

Some time ago, when I was scheduled to speak at the Health Expo, a friend found me on the Canadian Quackwatch site described as a doctor’s wife who promotes quackery in public lectures. I am flattered. The information I provide must be dangerously accurate.

Sources and Resources:

The battle over access to safe medicine and knowledge of disease prevention is fought to a large extent over the Internet by which the news travels faster than through medical journals, government agencies and the courts. Therefore, the following sites and e-mail connections are recommended as most helpful:

If you are involved in work that requires knowing how the enemy thinks, surf the Quackbusters’ web sites which are operated by Dr. Stephen Barrett:; the Canadian counterpart is run by Kitchner pediatrician Dr. Terry Polevoy

To find out how Quackbusters really operates


and to find out what law suits are in progress against Quackbusters and for what reasons get on the e-mail list of Tim Bolen:

For the science and current developments regarding mercury amalgam visit, the site of the International Academy for Oral and Medical Toxicology whose scientists have won many legal victories for non-toxic dentistry; many of these dental medicine scientists are associated with the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health and are advisors to the health authorities of the European Union.

For the scientific facts, international consensus, current research and personal help regarding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, visit Johns Hopkins medical school associate Albert Donnay’s

An excellent source of information on the current status of available clinical treatments and research in complementary medicine for cancer and many other environmentally mediated diseases is the National Institutes of Health You can download, free of charge, the entire text of all the presentations made by the world’s top researchers at the NIH international conferences.

For facts on herbal medicine and a balanced interpretation of the ongoing debate battle between pharmaceuticals and natural remedies visit

A first class source of information on the worldwide growing awareness about the effects of fluoride visit

To learn about the dangers, science, and legal actions going on worldwide with regard to vaccines visit; this is especially helpful with regard to the facts on the connection between autism and the MMR vaccine

If you want to be kept up-to-date on all of these politically loaded health issues (and many more besides!) request to be put on the e-mail list of one of the best sources of

An excellent source for information on health freedom issues, and especially newly developed treatments, is the news letter of the International Council for Health Freedom which operates in 17 countries; available through tel.619-702-1282, Visit their site

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Dr Barrett Of Quackbusters is an M.D. and has lots of disproving experience. Together with Randi the magician they could sour the world if you choose to listen to them. Click on the Bird !

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