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HI Marine
Here are the pictures and articles I promised you. I will add some personal dialogue for you shortly. Hope you Are well...and are having a great time playing with the spirit of life!  Dave Cleveland

Hello Marine; once more I wanted to get some more info for you. First there is a blog about The Katie Gibbs Secretarial School, I was given a life time membership by the current owner, and don't know if it is still there.

The following link talks asbout some of the suicides. . .

Down at the bottom are 4 other links to look over

The following link has some really good vintage pictures

The next link shows some really neat vintage New York Video, routhly around the beginning of the Hotel Barbizon. It shows a motocycle cvop almost slamming a vehicle and early monument and locations like Times Square

Heres some more pictures I remember the Barbizon with a lot of the scaffolding around the first floor and inside also in 1981

Many more vintage pictures, but also in the comment below are notes from people who lived there. . .

This last one, as I have to get some more sleep, show President Ronald Reagan reciving an award in 1950 at the Barbizon.....

The Barbizon Hotel for Women, now known as Barbizon 63,

The Above link will give as great list of the women that stayed at the Barbizon, with live links to each actress or famous woman. Describes the Hotel in detail. And has links on the site to change the articles into French.

The above link should be of help!

The following are the answers to your questions:

Ok, here goes it was a dark and foggy night in Cambridge,Massachusetts. I sat in The Parrot Coffee House

In the shadow of Harvard University. My cappachino arrived, and I asked the waitress, chow I have know for about 3 months' if she would like to go to Curacou with me for a vacation she said she would think about it. I visited the Coffee shop4 or more times more before I obtained 2 round trip tickets, one had her named typed on it. I entered the coffee shop again and found the appropriate moment to ask her, and to spring the tickets on her. Once more she declined my hopeless romantic over-chore. I thought and thought, like only a single man could with the dilemma at hand. My single mind conclusion was that Curacou was just to far away to ask someone to go on. I found an old copy of a Boston newspaper, in the coffee shop, and looked through the travel section and found the advertisement [which is one of the pictures I have added to the material that I have already sent you, 17 down for top of page it's a black heart with an invitation to enter a contest to be the first man at the Barbizon, all you had to do was to make a reservation ] I called the Hotel and made the reservation for myself and they accepted it, however the clerk did not take enough information to reach me, so I called back and told them how can I win this contest if you have no contact info, they took it.

2 days later a man, I thought was my friend Larry, told me that I was the winner of the prize to be the first man to stay at their Hotel Barbizon {“Larry is that you? He really did sound like Larry.” Than I recalled that I had not told anyone that I had entered the contest. It turned out to the Hotel Manager. He told me that a limousine would be waiting for me at Kennedy Airport etc.

Of course now I'm excited, I got my tickets and went back top the Parrot coffee shop, to see if my waitress was working. At an appropriate moment I stopped her and told her I thought that my original dating plan was to far away, and would she like to accompany me to NY City and share the Prize I had won, thinking for sure that she would say yes because N.Y. Was only a 1 hour flight and much closer than the Island I had originally chosen. After, her talking to everyone in the Restaurant, she returned with “I really don' know you that well...” and ….”

I rented a Tuxedo because it was a huge celebration, and NY City, having lived there for 5 years as a School Professor, was not a place to be taken lightly, when they invite you to be important.

I met the Limo at the airport, and arrived shortly at the hotel With scaffolding all over it's outsides and insides. However, Wendi the women dressed in a 1930' s uniform, and also the daughter of the Manager met and greeted me. Along with photographers and news people from all over the World.

My brother who was stationed with the Air force in Germany saw me on T.V. In a German Bar that night.

Sammy Cahn, very famous in music, after hearing the story about the coffee shop in Cambridge, congratulated me as we both held up a can of Oysters I brought to N.Y (as a joke, because of their sexual attributes) he told me “ Bringing a woman I did not know or have attachments to, would have been like bringing a 'hot pocket' sandwich, in a bag, to this ceremony”

Sammy sang one of his songs, that he had written, but changed the lyrics, to use my name, for the occasion.

Champagne, a huge, cake shaped like the hotel, lots of waiters and waiters with white hardhats to blend in with the construction inside. I had my choice of movie tickets, stage plays, and dinners where ever I chose with the chauffeur and my limousine. And, and, because very little news was happening, in the world, the owner extended my prize to last for 7 more days and gave me $1000 in spending money. Nine women, lots of dinners out, meeting many of the women who lived at the Hotel, mostly much older than I would date.

I did meet 3 of the women that worked at the Barbizon and several others outside, and because I had Carte Blanche (actually it was the Managers American Express) I was able to eat at Tavern on The Green in Central Park,for lunch, for all of the seven days. Than we would go to a stage play, The Art Museum, The Guhenhiem Museum, The Metropolitan Museum, Carnegie Hall several times, and about 5 different bars in The City. So I was arriving back to the hotel with a different woman 3 times a day. The Limousine was long, secretive. and often times saved a trip back to the hotel. The Limousine also had a bar that mysteriously restocked itself every night before arriving to pick me up in the morning. And the driver, (same one for seven days,) finally had had enough and apologetically asked me-

"Dave, I 've driven for you for four days now, and every morning you come out of the hotel fresh and chipper looking. What I would like to know, if you want to share this, is how do you do it? I've been aware of refilling the limousine bar, which is not a problem, and than going to the different restaurants and other places. And, I've guessed that you may have had a drink or two at the restaurants and perhaps a night cap. So on estimation you are having 8 or more drinks per day, so the question is How do you do that?”

I was surprised, at the question, but knew the answer right off.I told him that I work in Homeopathic Medicine and that every night I would take a dose of Homeopathic Nux Vomica and that in the morning, one more dose for good luck. He wanted to pay me for 3 bottles and would I ship them to him at his home in New York. After I came back to realty, where I had not been for those four days, I promised to send him the bottles with instructions and thanked him for all his services so far.

I don't know if I should mention this now or not however, I am not an alcoholic and have never been. But, this was my Week in New York, and I have the pictures, the Radio and Television interviews, the memories, and all with no hang-overs to prove it.

As far as credits for the pictures I would use the Newspapers for some and use Luce press Clippings for the majority of the other pictures.

Is this a good start. Let me know if you need something else

Feel free to change my writing, if you choose, you could always change the 9 women to 11 but not the other direction.

Good Luck! Dave Cleveland