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The FDA blocks healthy options
and prosecutes their promoters

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UPDATE: Read our new Health Matters Section!

By Ron Lee & Lois Hale

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) takes its regulation job seriously, seemingly targeting anyone who won't or can't play ball in its high-dollar 

industry-giants-only club. Unfortunately for Americans, it seems to have forgotten its edict to promote public health.

Of the products that pass the FDA's “evaluation,” how many cause serious illness or death? LOTS. NutraSweet (Aspartame) comes to mind, as does saccharin, many vaccines, and a great many "food safe" additives the FDA has stamped with their approval. Just watch T.V. and pay attention to the amount of commercials asking people to call an attorney if they have taken any number of “FDA Approved” drugs/products that have caused serious illness or death- [780,000 DEAD A YEAR} 

It is clear, just because the FDA evaluates a product or drug as safe, doesn't mean that it is.

So, when a product comes along that actually does have health benefit, the FDA appears to descend upon it in hopes to squash it from existence. Are they merely protecting the interests of the corporate giants and pharmaceutical behemoths that seek to keep us reliant upon dosages of their products? For the average American citizen, the answer seems pretty clear. "I don't trust the government, especially the FDA. The American people are sicker now and more apt to be on some prescription drug than any other time in history. How is this good? They [the FDA] keep attacking natural alternatives like raw cow and goat milk, plant extracts, home gardens and supplements that have proven positive results," says one such citizen who is disillusioned with what they call "the bull the FDA is feeding us."

One exciting and reportedly "miraculous" health product is Master Mineral Solution - commonly called MMS or Cleansing Water. It is made with sodium chlorite and citric acid to chemically generate the mineral, chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who used Chlorine Dioxide to decontaminate office buildings and mail after the anthrax attacks in 2001, Chlorine Dioxide has:

...been used since the early 1900s.

In 1967, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initially registered liquid chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant and sanitizer for specific uses, such as animal farms, bottling plants, food processing, handling, and storage plants. It also included other uses, including:

bleaching pulp and paper
bleaching textiles
washing fruit and vegetables
disinfecting flume water
disinfecting meat and poultry
disinfecting food processing equipment
sanitizing water
controlling odors
treating medical wastes
treating municipal water”

The EPA also says: “Chlorine dioxide kills microorganisms by disrupting transport of nutrients across the cell wall. Chlorine dioxide smells somewhat like chlorine bleach. Chlorine dioxide should not be confused with chlorine gas. They are two distinct chemicals that react differently and produce by-products that have little in common.”

According to many testimonials of individuals using MMS, it has successfully treated cancer, the flu, infections, serious burns, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, stroke, asthma, Lyme disease, diabetes, hepatitis (all strains), leukemia, Lou Gehrig’s disease, HIV, AIDS, Herpes, spider bites, and malaria. It has also been reported that it successfully treats autism.

Basic logic would dictate that if it didn't work, or it caused adverse reactions, there wouldn't be so many who openly and fervently support MMS. There are sites all over the internet touting personal experiences with MMS. Groups on Facebook and even YouTube channels have been dedicated to its benefits. It has literally been used by millions around the globe.

Instead of looking into MMS's potential for the people's common health, the FDA has chosen to strike out at the claims of its benefits. They are doing this primarily because of the amount of positive personal experiences. You see, MMS has not been "evaluated". As such, it is potentially harmful in the eyes of the FDA, and they have even issued an alert on its use. But then again, growing your own garden (and sharing food), or milking your own cows is now dangerous too, at least according to the FDA. Do a search on the internet and see how the FDA is attacking these common practices which have been around since the dawn of time! In fact, it appears that any personal medicinal and food choice is being criminalized at an alarming rate. Soon, we will only be able to eat what they tell us; grow what Monsanto provides us; supplement and medicate ourselves with only the "best" unnatural chemicals created in the labs of the corporate partners to the FDA.

Who would you trust? A cancer survivor who found life in a natural product, or a government agency that tells you to take products that it deems are safe that actually make you ill? Hmmm... tough question.

Currently, the FDA is targeting individuals involved in the distribution of MMS and the US~Observer is stepping forward to shield them and expose the FDA for what it is; a scheme, with no constitutional authority to exist. It seems designed to keep some people wealthy while the rest of us are programmed into thinking they are there to help. Look for more specifics coming soon...

If you would like to know more about MMS go to or

Read the letter sent by Jim Humble to MMS users and supporters!

And, read more MMS news here...

Here is more information regarding the FDA and some of its evaluated drugs:

The FDA's homicide victims

Coumadin = Rat Poison

Chemotherapy = Agent Orange or Mustard Gas

Vioxx kills

More to be added soon...

If you are interested in helping fight the FDA, the US~Observer has set-up a fund to meet that end.

Any donation amount is appreciated.

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Swanson Vitamins


Food, the source of our energy and nutrition. The lack of the proper amounts and kinds can cause and allow all manners of disease to overwhelm our bodies. Yet, orthodox medicine chooses teaches very little of it in their medical schools and label it as, what the dietician does for someone who needs a diet.



The Homeopathic Founder & Nutrition                             

Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathic medicine, always took the questions of diet into account in acute and chronic diseases. Diet was one of his adjunctive tools to the homeopathic remedies. (Ameke 1885)

Medical Doctors and a Nutritional Challenge

Take the challenge and ask any medical doctor what they think you should or shouldn't be eating. Chances are that they will answer something about fatty foods being bad, not to drink to much alcohol, and not to eat to much meat. Why does this happen?

Nutrition Is Scarcely Taught

Twenty three of the 128 medical schools in the United States require medical students to take a course in nutrition. If they do take the course, the student will likely find that the course is more about the chemistry of food. This compared to the schools teaching the practical applications of a patients' nutritional needs.

Here are some of the specialists that share the same thoughts about the teaching of nutrition...

Dr. N.S. Scrimshaw, M.D. of M.I.T.

Clinical nutrition is not even taught in most medical schools, and not really adequately done in any of them (Williams, 1989 68).

Dr. Frederick Stare, M.D., Harvard University:

Physicians (who) are not well trained to identify malnutrition except for gross under- and overweight, and this anyone can do (Williams, 1989 228).

One of the reasons that a relative of mine, a diabetic, was served sugary foods in hospital, is because of what Dr. Jean Mayer tells his readers in the New England Journal of Medicine 284 (1971):1218).

One of the largest pockets of unrecognized malnutrition in America and Canada exists, not in the rural slums or urban ghettos, but in the private rooms and wards of big city hospitals (Illich, 1976 22).

The National Academy of Sciences

The Academy linked our eating habits to six of the ten leading causes of death--heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and cirrhosis of the liver. (Califano 1986)

When Not In Rome, Do As The Romans Do

The Romans knew of the importance of agriculture and food. Celsus, wrote two books on the importance of the right foods and their relationships to good health (Atkinson, 1956).

There is a large amount of research and writing that has been done on the subject of nutrition and how it affects the human body. The diseases that the lack, or abundance of food, creates in the human being has also been documented.

And yet, doctors pay little attention, most people, pay even less.

Webster's' Is Non-Caloric Nutrition

Webster's Dictionary defines nutrition as the act or process of nourishing, especially the process by which an individual takes in and utilizes food (Webster 1974). Unfortunately the dictionary doesn't continue and make suggestions... what, when, and how much food? To add to our dilemma when we were born we did not receive an operators manual. This would have told us exactly what foods we should use, for our own specific body. Could it be possible that foods, could be the body's medicine? That food is everything we're looking for to create optimum performance?

The following article suggests that medicine and food are closely linked.

The American Journal of Medicine and Nutrition

On April 15, 1988, the journal had an article in it, where two researchers compared the cost effectiveness of treating high blood cholesterol. They did this by using a food substance called Oat Bran Cereal and compared it with the most common orthodox drug in use. . Both treatments were shown to reduce the cholesterol levels by 20%.

Manufacturers Had to Stop Making Claims

Oat Bran as a Drug. Claims had to be stopped, about the benefits of Oat Bran. The reason, a full years supply of Oat Bran costs a patient $249.00, compared with the drug used. The drug cost the same patient $1414.00 and included medical side effects. (Naisbett 1988)

Grapefruit Lowers Cholesterol. Further medical findings show that grapefruit helps to lower blood cholesterol, and as an added benefit, too reduce the chances of getting certain colon cancers. Citrus fruit can act as a preventive against stomach and pancreatic cancers. Cabbage has been shown to lower the risk of colon cancer, in addition to stimulating the immune system to excel.

Popeye's' Treat, Heals Lung Cancer. Spinach, stolen from Popeye, has been shown to lower the risk of lung cancer by one-half and lower blood cholesterol levels. Olive oil (not of Popeye fame), has been shown to lower LDL (The bad cholesterol). In turn it raises the good cholesterol (HDL) and is also known to lower a patients blood pressure (Carper 1988).

More Foods With Healing Properties. Additionally, yogurt can treat intestinal infections, lower blood cholesterol, prevent ulcers and has anti cancer properties associated with it. Chili peppers act as an expectorant, prevent and heal bronchitis and emphysema, (This food is also known to dissolve blood clots). Just plain old cows milk is known to prevent osteoporosis, peptic ulcers, chronic bronchitis, inhibit certain cancers, lower blood cholesterol, and increase mental energy. Researchers weren't talking about the pasteurized, homogenized, vitamins added, milk though.

The above research is the finding of researchers from the University of California, LA., Tufts University of Medford, Massachusetts, Rutgers University and New York Universities. (Carper 1988)

Scientists' Studies of Food as Healers  apple

Further nutritional information comes from scientists attached to the United States Department of Agriculture and the University of Wisconsin. There they found that barley has chemicals in it, that actually stop the human liver from manufacturing cholesterol. Additionally, there is the Tufts' University cardiologist, who gives onions to his patients. He found that they contain chemicals in them that naturally thin the patients blood (Carper 1988).

The F.D.A. and Nutritional Science

In 1984, the Food and Drug Administration entered legislation, and at the same time began an expensive campaign to silence the Kellogg's Corn Flake People. The Kellogg's Company was taking advantage of new research and was printing the findings on the sides of their cereal boxes. Research had shown that eating their product would lower the purchasers cholesterol levels.

The F.D.A. argued that Kellogg's should be subject to the same expensive testing and investigation that a new drug must be subjected to. This would mean that Kellogg's would have to raise the price on their cereal to about $30. per unit. (Carper 1988)

Note: If you watch the ads for many cereals today (2012). You'll see

that the cereal companies were right, and our paradigm, regarding

cereal has changed.

The A.M.A., A.C.S., and the A.H.A. on Nutrition

The American Medical Association, The American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association are known to oppose food producers from being able to make tested claims. Manufacturers were told their claims cannot mention medically related information with their food products advertising.

This is the medical societies and the F.D.A s reasoning: "It will confuse and be misleading to consumers." (Carper 1988 142) This obviously leaves our very sick society, with the hard choice between being confused and having cancer?

Natural Chemistry, No. Chemicals added to food, Yes!

This F.D.A., is the same agency that allows the chemical companies to make huge profits by adding the following ingredients into the foods found in our grocery stores. Additives in ice cream such as Diethl Ether, commonly used in your cars anti-freeze; Pysperonal, also used to kill lice; Ethyl Acetate, used to clean leather; or Butyraldehyde also used in rubber cement, more reason to buy the designer ice creams instead. (Carper, 1988) You also can find chemicals such as in ‘Slice' soft drink. Carnuba wax, found on most chewing gumballs, is also used to shine bowling alley floors. Formaldehyde in Colgate and Crest toothpaste, is also used to embalm dead bodies. Aluminum, is found in most headache and stomach medicines. The F.D.A.  authorized  the use ofaluminum, mercury and formaldehyde, as preservatives for use in the common Diphtheria, Polio and Tetanus shots (D.P.T.).

 Experts and a Few Findingsverliebt

Dr. Sue Rodwell Williams, an expert in nutrition, with degrees as a PhD., MpH and Rd degrees, writes (in her college textbook) that nutrition is linked with physical and mental fitness, weight control, counteracting the effects of drugs, gastro-intestinal problems, genetic diseases, food allergies, renal diseases, cancer,  rehabilitation, psychiatric care and finally, in nutritional care of the surgical patient. (Williams 1985)

Dr. Paul Gyorays, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Pediatrics, at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine had this to say about nutrition.

While medical students receive a little training in nutrition through courses like psychology, biochemistry, and clinical medicine, it is actually so sketchy and uncoordinated that they have a weak grasp of the subject and it's scientific basis (Carper, 1988 246).

Dr. D.M. Hegsted, of the Harvard School Of Public Health would agree with Dr. Gyorays and suggests:

If physicians were trained in nutrition, many diseases might be prevented or certainly more readily corrected (Davis, 1972 73).

The National Academy of Sciences; Nutrition and Maternity

The Committee on Maternal Nutrition, of the National Academy of Sciences would most likely agree with the above professors. The committee, was composed of professors of nutrition, obstetrics and pediatrics and they were quoted as saying:

Obstetricians imposing dietary restrictions...not only are helping to produce weaklings, but are causing pregnant women to suffer numerous abnormalities, including toxemia (Davis, 1972 97).

Bad Diet Diseases; Cured By Good Diet

To quote an old friend of mine, Dr. Harris Coulter, of Washington, D.C.. Harris mentions ... "Diseases caused by defective diet are best treated by improving the diet, and it may be that no medicine at all is needed thereafter." (Coulter, 1975 111)

The next chapter concerns itself with orthodox medicines use of transfusions and the ancient and current techniques of bleeding. Before starting that discussion I want to close this chapter with a reflection from John Stuart Mill who said:

"It often happens that the universal belief of one age, a belief from which no one was, not without an extraordinary effort of genius and courage could, at that time be free, becomes to a subsequent age so palpable an absurdity that the only difficulty, then, is to imagine how such a thing can ever have appeared credible".