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Medical Mistakes are 3rd Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

WASHINGTON, July 17 – Preventable medical errors in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the United States, a Senate panel was told today. Only heart disease and cancer kill more Americans.

“Medical harm is a major cause of suffering, disability, and death – as well as a huge financial cost to our nation,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said at the outset of the hearing by the Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging.  “This is a problem that has not received anywhere near the attention that it deserves and today I hope that we can focus a spotlight on this matter of such grave consequence,” added Sanders, the panel’s chairman.

The Journal of Patient Safety recently published a study which concluded that as many as 440,000 people die each year from preventable medical errors in hospitals. Tens of thousands also die from preventable mistakes outside hospitals, such as deaths from missed diagnoses or because of injuries from medications.

The new research followed up on a landmark study, To Err is Human, conducted by the Institute of Medicine 15 years ago, when researchers reported that as many as 98,000 people die in hospitals each year due to preventable medical errors. Experts now say that figure was too low and hospitals have been too slow to make improvements.

There has been some progress, Dr. Peter Pronovost of Johns Hopkins University testified. Yet thousands of patients still are dying unnecessarily from infections, preventable blood clots, adverse drug events, falls, over exposure to medical radiation and diagnostic errors. “We need to declare right now that preventable harm is unacceptable and work to prevent all types of harm,” Pronovost said.

Compared to the rest of the world, the United States is about average. “While average is OK, given that we spend more on health care than any other country we should be a lot better. Our high spending is not buying us particularly safe care,” said Dr. Ashish Jha of the Harvard School of Public Health.

Other reports have examined the impact of medical mistakes on segments of America’s patient population. A Department of Health and Human Services report in 2010 said 180,000 Medicare patients die each year from preventable adverse events in the hospital.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011 said 1-in-25 hospital patients get an infection from being in the hospital; 700,000 of them get sick as a result and 75,000 die.

In addition to deaths and injuries, medical errors also cost billions of dollars. One 2011 study put the figure at $17 billion a year. Counting indirect costs like lost productivity due to missed work days, medical errors may cost nearly $1 trillion each year, according to a 2012 report in the Journal of Health Care Finance. Lisa McGiffert of Consumers Union spoke about the everyday impact on individuals and families. “People who are harmed lose their jobs, their homes, their insurance. Many go bankrupt trying

to pay the medical bills that they would not have had if they had not been harmed by a health care provider,” she said.

Watch a video of the hearing here.

ORTHODOX MEDICINE as a threat to Society * * * 

In this chapter I will share ideas, that because of many influences, orthodox medicine poses a threat to world wide society. Considering past and present experts statements, we need to bring about dramatic change immediately.

 ...America may be shackling its economy by investing too much in one industry.                   

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The United States currently devotes 12.3% of its gross national product to health care, up from 9.4% in 1980. At this rate, within 20 years Americans will be spending a third of all their resources on medicine (Time, 1991).

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Ancient Similarities

There are some remedies worse than the disease.

(Publicus Syrus, 42 B.C.

Paracelcus. Later, in the 16th century ""Paracelsus

(Philip T.Bombast von Hohenheim), declared that the doctrines 

of medicine in his day were rubbish.

Father of British MedicineDr.Thomas Sydenheim (the 

acknowledged father of British medicine) stated that diseases 

are treated all wrong.

Father of Homeopathic Medicine. Samuel Hahnemann observed that medical disasters were occurring everywhere around him.

The King of England. William the IV of England, declared, that 

founded on long observation and reflection, "that if there were

 not a single physician, surgeon, apothecary, man-wife, chemist, druggist, or drug, on the face of the earth, there would be less sickness and mortality."

Dr. Waterhouse, of Harvard University. He agrees with my 

theme when he stated, "I am sick of learned quackery."

He is speaking of the practices of orthodox medicine of his day. 

(Illich, 1977)

Recent Research on Threats to Society

More recently, 1988, Dr.Richard Gerber, M.D., writes in his book Vibrational Medicine the following:

It is unfortunate that mainstream medicine acts as if it 

believes the Newtonian concepts- that have been proven 

to be an inaccurate model for the past 50 years-are real.

Current medical practice is based on the outlived 

Newtonian model of reality, whereas the Einsteinian 

model sees humans as complex energy networks and

 that all matter is energy which was formulated in Einsteins' 

equation E=mc2 .

Dr. Gerber points out, that early surgeons saw the human 

body as a complex plumbing installation and that the 

physician of the 1990's can be regarded as a `bioplumber.' 

As they know how to isolate and remove a diseased 

component and are equally skilled in reconnecting the 

system. These doctors of today use chemicals to increase 

the blood flow past cholesterol blockages and when they 

find that failing, they use a balloon plunger, (angioplasty) 

or even a laser beam to get rid of the debris. More commonly, 

a new pipe is carefully stitched into the system, to replace 

the old worn out, or clogged artery.

Threats To The Mentally Ill

The threats to the mentally ill is demonstrated by Ferguson, 

when she reported that one California study showed a group 

of young male, non-drugged schizophrenics, recovered about 

two weeks after the group that was treated with Thorazine. In 

addition, there was less occurrence of readmittance over the 

following years. (Ferguson 1980)

Its A Tragedy To Wait For Pathology

Dr. Linda Johnston explains that the tragedy of the current 

system of medicine is that of waiting until some pathology is 

present before they consider treatment. That by putting aside 

initial complaints they miss the time when real healing can 

take place. (Johnston 1991)

To Change The Medical Systems, High Priests Must Cooperate

Dr. Joseph Calafano, Jr., Secretary of Health Education and 

Welfare (1977-1979), wants to let his readers know; "We can't 

change the health care system without the cooperation of its 

high priests, the doctors, any more than official Catholic doctrine can be changed without the approval of the Pope and his cardinals." (Calafano, 1986)

Have The High Priests Moved Towards Change?

January 7, 1993, Harvard's Kennedy School (of government) 

Tries To Suppress Health Care Reform Debate. This headline, 

goes with article that explained that the freshmen members of 

the U.S. Congress, who received a five day orientation session

 in U.S. Health care, would not hear from advocates and 

supporters of a single payer insurance Plan. The Plan would 

actually do away with the private insurance companies, cutting paperwork and costs and allowing everyone universal coverage. After much lobbying and the threat of boycott and demonstration 

the Kennedy School, at Harvard University, changed its mind 

and allowed the opposition a hearing. 

The opposition being Dr. David Himmelstein, himself a Harvard Medical School professor. The Dr. is reputed as being an expert on the Canadian National Health Insurance system, which uses 

the single-payer approach to health insurance. (Cambridge 

Chronicle, 1993)

Harvard isn't alone in their holding on to Newtonian medicine. 

As recently as March 20, 1993, the American Medical 

Association, and the 3000 member Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, with other interested groups 

demanded to know the names of the participants of President Clintons' Health Task Force.

Fortunately the White House saw through the thinly veiled 

appeal, and Robert Boorstin responded, that the names of 

the task force advisers would not be released. Boorstin stated,

"we don't want to subject them to lobbying by special interests" (Globe, 1993).

The A.M.A.'s chairman of the board, Dr. Raymond Scaletter, 

is quoted as saying, "There is an economic aspect to this 

anybody can appreciate...Could there be people with laboratory connections?, Real estate connections? We don't know." (Globe 1993)

Surgeons Are Actively Recruiting

Once again I quote from former Secretary of H.E.W., Calafano, 

who states that: "As one American cardiologist put it: `The entrepreneurial aspect of surgery in this country makes it 

imperative for surgeons to pursue the recruitment of patients aggressively.' There is not only major income motivation, but 

also the need to meet all sorts of state standards, in terms of 

number of cases done per year, solely to justify a cardiac 

surgical unit's existence...'" [many states require at least 250 

heart operations to get a license for a cardiac surgical unit. 

(Califano 1986)

To back this up, Dr Allen Greenspan found that, "About 25% 

of heart pacemaker implants performed in the Philadelphia 

region were inappropriate...In the same vein, some extremely expensive technologies are used even before it is clear that 

they're needed" (???????).

Car Mechanics and Surgery

For most doctors, the money is in the treatment of disease, 

not in prevention. "If your car breaks-down or is damaged in an accident, you take it to a dealer or mechanic who tells you 

what he thinks is wrong and gives you a free estimate of the 

cost of repair....The analogy isn't perfect, but if your body 

doesn't feel right, you have to pay the doctor just to get the 

estimate. Doctors have established a system in which the only 

way you can find out whether you need them is to pay them to 

tell you. So the first ingredient in the economic upside-down 

cake of the physician care is that the supplier decides whether 

the customer needs supplies." (Calafano, 1986)


Two things are certain: the professional practice of physicians 

cannot be credited with the elimination of old forms of mortality 

or morbidity, nor should it be blamed for the increased 

expectancy of life spent in suffering from the new diseases. 

For more than a century, analysis of disease trends has 

shown that the environment is the primary determinant of

 the state of general health of any population (Illich, 1976).

Costs of Orthodox Drugs

Also threatening to undermine our entire society are the 

costs of medicine in the United States. Especially true since 

the United States Government is the largest consumer of 

these services and goods, spending 100's of Billions of 

dollars per year (Calafano, 1986). Health care is now the 

third largest industry in the United States. Its because of 

these runway costs that it has been almost impossible to 

begin a national health plan.

National Distribution Of Doctors

There are about 500,000 doctors in the U.S., which gives us 

about 1 doctor per 500 people, if they were distributed evenly. However, most doctors have chosen to practice only in the 

lucrative urban areas, leaving many areas without any doctors 

at all. The average income of the American doctor is $115,000 

and in comparison, the average, employed, Americans salary 

is $21,000.

The American way of health has been voracious in its pursuit 

of more and more money, too often unrelated to better care 

(Califano, 1986 138).


Americans Spend $23,000/second For Health Care


Time magazine explains that Americans are spending $23,000 

per second for medical care, or $7,333 Billion a year. Some of 

this enormous cost is the greed motive which Time explains by 

listing the following hospital costs:

One Bufferin tablet = $3.75

A radical mastectomy= $7900.

50 minutes with a psychiatrist $160.

Caesarean section baby delivery $7,500

One tablet of Centoxin, used to treat hospital acquired disease $3,800.

Health care providers will spend $90 Billion/year in record 

keeping alone.


Doctors Get Paid For Doing Things, Not Prevention

Edmund Kelly, group president of Aetna insurance: "The 

problem with our medical financing system is that most doctors 

get paid for doing things to people, not for keeping them healthy." (Castro, 1991 43)

The medical establishment is winning the accounting war, 

doctors are attending special seminars to learn how to do 

"creative billing." So if they perform one operation, they are 

able to break it down into separate components. They can 

charge more for each element, than they could if they charged 

for one operation.

Padding Your Health Bill

Time Magazine calls it "padding the bill, if an auto shop had 

done this," but the doctors call it 'unbundling.'. Time also 

discovered that fraud amongst doctors and hospitals, 

according to the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, 

may cost the taxpayer as much as $75 billion per year. Even 

with all of this money spent, money lost, and money stolen, 

doctors accomplishing less and less (Castro, 1991).

Doctors That Look The Other Way

History shows that most of the 90,000 doctor's that were 

practicing during the rule of war and Adolph Hitler, in Germany, thought that it would be useless to protest. Instead they closed 

their eyes to what their colleagues were doing for Hitler, in the 

way of flagrant medical abuses. They caused fantastic and 

horrifying suffering. They accomplished this within their code of Hippocrates, which in all languages, they have sworn to the 


"I will use treatment to help my patient according to my ability 

and judgement, but never with a view of injury or a wrongdoing." They have further agreed, "I will abstain from abusing the bodies of 

men and women, either free or slave..." (Abse, 1969).

Threats to Society Includes Negligence and Mistakes

Negligence in obstetrics. A previously healthy baby boy

circumcised at two days old. Shortly thereafter a black spot appeared on its penis, diagnosed as gangrene, the result of poor aftercare of the surgery. The doctor that performed the surgery discharged the baby without any acknowledgment, with the decisions of other doctors that had seen the child. 

The black spot however continued to grow. So the concerned parents returned to the hospital. In the emergency room the advice given by the doctor was to return during clinic hours on Monday. This allowed the area to grow some more until on Monday they were informed that the forepart of the babies 

penis would have to be amputated to save its' life. (Lewis, 1970).

A baby girl was admitted to the hospital for surgery to correct deformed feet, and despite the fact that the little girl was sickly and malnourished and had an upper respiratory infection doctor's decided to go ahead with the surgery...the little girl 

died as they administered the anesthetic (Lewis, 1970).

Negligence in Surgery. A young woman overheard her doctor order a tray for the removal of a right breast, and on hearing this conversation with the hospital the woman said you're not removing any breast of mine. The doctor responded that he really had no intention in doing that. He would have to do some testing first. She was admitted to the hospital, and as part of the process she signed the hospitals consent form, 

allowing the doctor to do what he thought was appropriate. 

The next morning without the benefit of testing of any kind, the doctor, straight-away removed the right breast, against the woman's previously repeated pleas not to. The doctors rationale was that there really wasn't much sense to do a biopsy as there was no pathologist in this community to analyze the tissue. Besides, he did have her written permission.

Other doctor's protested that it was common practice to send the sample out for testing to a nearby pathologist and wait for the findings. The doctor in question could have done this, as it wasn't deemed an emergency operation.