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WARNING: WHILE VISITING THESE LINKS REMEMBER MOST OF THEM CONTAIN INFORMATION LIKE HOMEOPATHY IS NOT A SCIENCE AND OTHER INFORMATION LIKE THIS. SO REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE, AND GET OUT AS QUICK AS YOU CAN. – This is the government-sponsored search engine of more than 20,000 drug and alcohol treatment providers, offering different methods and levels of care across the country.

This is the most comprehensive resource for seniors with substance abuse and addiction problems available on the web – well-researched, accessible and covers the spectrum of common problems with seniors, substance abuse and recovery.

Painkiller addiction has become an epidemic among seniors today who are faced with chronic pain. Many who don’t seek medical help end up self-medicating with alcohol or other drugs. For these reasons, addiction problems among seniors have been on the sites.

The goal of these resources is to provide comprehensive resources to seniors who need help. The SAMSHA link provides access to treatment, and the Forterus Senior Addiction Center page serves as a guide for seniors with addiction problems, serving as a supplement to the SAMSHA site to guide them through the process of seeking treatment and recovery. The Forterus guide includes 30 citations of the most recent research and authoritative resources. While there are many resources on the web, we found that many of them do not address the most common concerns in a comprehensive and accessible manner.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Enormous amount of medical information here, from genetics to environmental health. Their last director died from Cancer.

Medical Library: "provides patients with reliable health care information from introductory to advanced texts."

NOAH: "provides access to high quality full-text consumer health information in English and Spanish that is accurate, timely, relevant and unbiased."

National Library of Medicine Gateway: just what it sounds like; a jumping off point to a variety of medical information databases.

Medscape: Medscape "offers specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals the Web's most robust and integrated medical information and educational tools."

Medicare has a very useful database in which you can search for a good nursing home. Search by geography, proximity, or you can search by name.

The National Library of Medicine, "the world's largest medical library", is an incredible resource. I was able to find a lot of great information here.

Want medical information, specifically from medical journals, delivered to you? J.A.D.E, or Journal Abstracts Delivered Electronically, to the rescue. You can specify exactly what topic you would like to have delivered to you, and how often you'd like to see it.

If you're researching anything to do with a virus, check the All the Virology on the Web database first. And secondly, do not get any Vaccines for yourself and especially your children, see my links and Dr.Bergman's link also.

An extremely fascinating site is Bioethics Web. Check out the theory of ethics, genetic issues, search by region, etc.



Canada's Institute for Healthy Information lets you search by data collections, research reports, quick stats, and more.

The National Cancer Institute is a great site. Search for information about any type of cancer, clinical trials, cancer topics, etc. In addition, you can find cancer statistics and all kinds of info about national research into the disease.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services is a searchable database of anything to do with human health, including safety and wellness, drugs and food, reference, aging, and more.

From the American Academy of Family Physicians comes, health information for the entire family. Nicely organized into searchable subject directories as well as alphabetized listings.

Harvard Medical School has, a collection of medical database information as well as journals, papers, and web links.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the process of aging can probably be found at AARP's Internet Resources on Aging. This site is organized into searchable subject categories. However, they are not to be trusted! See My Link for Dr. DAY

Information about substance abuse and mental health can be found at SAMHSA, a site put together by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The World Health Organization has an excellent site, WHO Health Topics, organized alphabetically. You can also check out world policies on disease and emergencies. is a search engine for many specialized medical databases. You can customize your search to the Web, MedPro Search, Basic Search, or you can choose which specific medical database you'd like to browse; such as, MediWarp, or the National Cancer Institute (among others).

The Merck Manual of Medical Information: One of the largest medical information sites on the Web today. "a digital library of authoritative medical information for all students of medicine."

OmniMedicalSearch: a metasearch engine for a variety of medical information sites, including PubMed, the CDC, and the NIH.

FindArticles Medical Information: find all sorts of journal and database abstracts with FindArticles.

Specialized Medical Information Sites

FreeBooks4Doctors: "FreeBooks4Doctors was created to promote the free availability of medical books on the Internet."

: "A free, non-profit, online searchable database of medical mnemonics to help remember the important details."

Medlogs: a large medical information news aggregator; pulls medical information from a large variety of online journals and sites.

Medical and Health Sciences Libraries on the Web: a collection of university health and medical libraries on the Web; large collection here of some pretty fantastic medical information databases.

Medical Images on the Web: From the University of Nebraska; a list of databases and sites that you can use to find medical images.

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How To Find and Search the Invisible Web

Invisible Web Gateways

Turbo10, an Invisible Web Meta Search Engine

Invisible Web Search Engines

Scirus, a Science Search Engine

CompletePlanet-A Deep Web Search Engine

Turbo10, an Invisible Web Meta Search Engine

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Happiness-Health And Love to Everyone"

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What are Refugees? Refugee Implies a person escaping their home under the

impending dangers of the life threatening effects of war and other terrorist actions.

They become homeless; without their daily needs, for an unknown time. These needs

include health care; water; food; baby needs; human rights; often they have to escape

their own country; clothing and ability to clean clothes; toilets and hygiene; social

companion ships; safety. We have attempted to capture live video and interviews of

Refugee needs; shelters; food and water availability; and their needs when they

arrive in a new location and it's safety and dangers. Also free foods that are available in

the wild, what they look like; what parts of the wild foods are edible and if they need

preparation. A recent Operation Medicorp You-Tube videos show how to make knots;

cross a dangerous water crossing; capture and prepare wild animals for eating; how to

built many types of shelters and methods to stay warm/cool in varying locations. Many

well known refugees and their survivals as refugees are also touched on to emphasize

that we were all Refugees, or relatives of Refugees at some time in our pasts. We have

attempted to Walk many miles in their shoes and provide on this site many items that

could be helpful. The site is also mindful of many other Aid workers, Medical teams and

the doctors. Almost every medical book is available under our link 'MEDICAL BAG' for

their use in off trail medical assistance. We have included lots of support information in

the Safe use of Homeopathic remedies. With lots of research and it's own collections

of medical books. Many sources for world maps World maps; SALT WATER TO FRESH
Tony Robbins; S... O--- S... and Poisoning help;Harvard University and stress;Humor &
comedy as a healing technique; Contact Operation-Medicorp; happiness;Health & Love
for you; U.S. Army Support; U.S. Army Support and wilderness alarms;Anatomy 001-999
For Doctors & Medical Teams in the field; dangerous Animals; Nutrition for Animals;
Helping animals survive;baking soda & Cancer Videos; MAKING BREAD;;USING BINOCULARS
CHILD BIRTH; Childbirth#2; DESERT SURVIVAL;Disaster emergencies;
D.M.S.O. The Wonderful pain reliever. If you can't find it Check a Veterinary supply store, you
 can take the same med. that vets have used on your horse for many years. D.M.S.O.;
WHAT ARE THE DRUGS YOU MAY BE TAKING NOW. Most Americans are taking 6 per day!
The F.D.A  will tell you on this chart; Earthquake Survival;