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Government cover-up of Vaccine 



It's interesting how all the criminals and con artists of the 

cancer industry happen to be colleagues.

Now, after the arrest and prosecution of cancer fraudster 

Dr. Farid Fata in Detroit, who falsely diagnosed 

patients with cancer to earn huge dollars from 

their pain and suffering, we discover that another 

cancer doctor (and vaccine pusher) is associated 

with the same medical group: Karmanos.

His name is Dr. David Gorski, and he's one of the most 

successful con artists of the present-day medical cartel. 

Today, we discover that he's pushing vaccines because 

he stands to make a killing on an autism drug he's 


He's also an administrator on Wikipedia, and he's the one 

who writes all the wiki entries trashing the VAXXED 

documentary, naturopathic doctors, etc. As a wiki admin, 

he quotes himself as the "expert" on all such matters, 

pretending to be two different people. (Schizophrenia?)

I have to wonder: How long before Gorski finds himself in

prison, right alongside his former colleague Dr. Farid Fata?

Immunizations are Dangerous. Here is one legal way to stop

shock, that may happen after having the shot administered.

It's been used as follows- Thuya 6x as  as often as every 2 

minutes, you could also alternate with aconite 6x




One person’s successful effort to enter COLLEGE with no proof 

of vaccination by Elaine Lewis

I’m always asked how to deal with the schools. Parents tell


If I don’t get my child vaccinated, she won’t be able to

attend school.” Every state has exemptions written into

their vaccination law! Below is an example of the Pennsylvania

law and the exemptions that most people seem to be

unaware of. You can be sure it’s the same in your state. Do a 

Google search for “Vaccination exemptions for [your state]“.

Recently, when asked by a parent how to legally avoid 

vaccinations, I was reminded of Shana’s exemption letter

that was 

requested by her University. I think everyone would
benefit by 

reading it. I deleted private, irrelevant information,

like names and 


Here then is Shana’s Vaccination Exemption Letter


College Health Administrative Services

Medical Records Manager

Re: Philosophical or Religious Objections to Immunizations

Dear Ms. __________:

This letter is in reference to the following Pennsylvania law:

28 Pa. Code. § 23.84 (2007)

§ 23.84. Exemption from immunization.

(a) Medical exemption. Children need not be immunized if a

physician or the physician’s designee provides a written

statement that immunization may be detrimental to the

health of the child. When the physician determines that

immunization is no longer detrimental to the health of the

child, the child shall be immunized according to this


(b) Religious exemption.

Children need not be immunized

if the parent, guardian or emancipated child objects in

writing to the immunization on religious grounds or on

the basis of a strong moral or ethical conviction similar

to a religious belief.

As per exemption (b) above, I, Shana D. Lewis, decline to

be vaccinated based on a deeply held philosophical, moral

and ethical conviction as I shall describe as instructed in 

yourletter which stated: “The request should indicate 

how long and deeply the person has been guided by 

these principles. Other reasons also should be briefly explained.” 


All my life I have received ONLY natural medicine, 

no drugs whatsoever except for the Hepatitis 

B vaccine which I received the day after I was born.

 My mother says she regrets giving

permission for that now; but, she had no way 

of knowing at the time that the only way a person 

can contract Hepatitis B is through unprotected sex

 and needle-sharing! Obviously, the

vaccination was all risk and no benefit! 

The same is true for

the polio vaccine. According to Jonas Salk himself, all 

casesof polio since 1961 have been caused by the oral 

polio vaccine

Washington Post, September 24, 1976). 

Again, all risk, no benefit!

All my life, I have eaten food that is mostly all natural/organic.

We rarely buy packaged food, mostly everything we eat is made

from scratch. We shop at either Whole Foods or the farmer’s 


We do not shop at regular supermarkets. We buy household 

productsthat are friendly to the environment. We wear cotton 

clothing, nosynthetic fibers. We try to avoid buying from 

companies that abuse animals.

There is a lot of animal abuse in the making of vaccines. The

viruses used to make the vaccines are grown on animal tissue.

This is not only bad for the animals (because they are sacrificed)

but the vaccine inevitably picks up animal viruses (simian viruses,

bovine viruses, etc.) in the process and transfers them to you. 

It is not normal or natural to have the cells and viruses of other 

species in your bloodstream.

My mother is a homeopath. Homeopathy is a kind of “alternative

medicine” founded by Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. in Germany in

1810 and widely practiced in Europe. Homeopathic remedies are

safe and effective and available in health food stores and Whole

Foods Market as well as certain drugstores like Rite Aid. When

I am sick, I get a homeopathic remedy. I have never had an

antibiotic, an Advil nor even an aspirin in my life. The only times 

I’ve ever needed to see a doctor, the doctor I saw was a 

homeopath. Othertimes, I’ve seen a Reiki practitioner with the 

same good results.

I actually had what we think were the measles when I was 2 or

3 years old. As soon as my mother saw the rash, she gave me a 

homeopathic remedy and before she even had a chance to call 

the doctor to make an appointment to get a diagnosis, the rash 

was gone! It was gone!

he next day!

Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiac surgeon, Vice Chairman of Surgery at

Columbia University and frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey

Show, tells his show audience that his wife takes care of their

children with homeopathic remedies before even telling him

that they’re sick! (




This method of treatment is going mainstream fast.

We eat no junk food at our house.

People accept vaccines on faith. They don’t know what’s in

them and don’t care. It might surprise most people to know

that there’s mercury in the vaccines; plus, formaldehyde,

aluminum, calf serum, animal viruses, aborted human fetal

tissue, polysorbate 80 and other questionable ingredients.

( I think people imagine that

vaccines are sterile; but, you cannot grow viruses in a clean


There are those who would argue that we shouldn’t care

what’s in the vaccines so long as they do the job. Actually,

there has never been a single double blind study to determine

if vaccines are either safe or effective!

( There has not

been a single study where half the group was unvaccinated

and the other half received all the vaccinations required and

then both groups were followed for years and compared for

the status of their health. This has never been done; so, there

is actually no proof that this practice is either safe or “does 

the job”.

On the other hand, there is plenty of speculation that the

skyrocketing rate of autism (roughly 1 in 100 children) is

being caused by vaccines. Here’s an interesting quote for you:

Significantly, the first cases of autism were described in the

US shortly after the vaccines for whooping cough were

introduced in the 1940s.

- Dispatches From the War Zone of Environmental Health

by Helke Ferrie

But the epidemic diseases are gone, so, obviously,

vaccinations work,” some say. Here’s the fallacy of that


  1. Measles: not gone, Whooping Cough: not gone,

  2. German Measles: not gone, Influenza: not gone,

  3. Chickenpox: not gone…. If vaccines work so well, then 

    why are these

  4. diseases still here?

  1. If the absence of disease is proof that vaccinations work, then

  2. how is it that the plague, yellow fever, tuberculosis and

  3. other such diseases disappeared without a vaccination 

  4. program?

  5. Why did Polio disappear in European countries that had no

  6. vaccination program?

I have no cavities, no allergies, never had acne; in fact, I have no

medical conditions whatsoever. (See my recently-submitted 

physicalexam.) I will stack my good health up against any fully 

vaccinated person my age. Common sense would suggest that 

I should just keep doing what I’m doing and not change anything 

since it’s working 

so well.

According to Pennsylvania law, all I have to do to exempt myself 


immunizations is state my opposition in writing on moral and 


grounds, which I believe I have done; but, you asked for mo

re. I could go on, but I feel I have adequately shown that refusing

vaccinations fits in with my overall lifestyle of respecting my body,

respecting the

environment and respecting animals.

Thank you.


Shana D. Lewis

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Shana Lewis

Here's a Government link below, to why you

should get, or give immunization shots

August is National Immunization Awareness Month,

which serves as a good reminder to get caught up on your 


Check out the
recommended vaccine schedules for babies,

children, and adults.

Parents may wonder, "Why should I immunize my child?"

Learn the-

health reasons that continue to make vaccinations important.

Also keep in mind that most schools and day care facilities 

in the United States require children to have up-to-date 

vaccination records.

Take a look at the requirements in your state.