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 "We are all Refugees in the HUMAN RACE, we need your Help. . . . .      
8000 Refugees, including children, have been
tear gassed, and shoved by Border Police at 
Macedonian/Greek Border.

And Yes, we do need many people to help with all phases of building and fund raising. THANKS!

What are Refugees? Refugee Implies a person escaping their home under the impending dangers of the life threatening effects of war and other terrorist actions. 

They become homeless; without their daily needs, for an unknown time. These needs include health care; water; food; baby needs; human rights; often they have to escape their own country; 

clothing and ability to clean clothes; toilets and hygiene; social 

companion ships; safety. 

We have attempted to capture live video and interviews of Refugee needs; shelters; food and water availability; and their needs when they arrive in a new location and it's safety and dangers. 

Also free foods are shown, that are available in 

the wild, what they look like; what parts of the wild foods are edible and if they need preparation. Recent Operation Medicorp You-Tube videos show how to make knots; 

cross a dangerous water crossing; capture and prepare wild animals for eating; how to built many types of shelters and methods to stay warm/cool in varying locations. 

Many well known refugees and their survival as refugees are also touched on to emphasize that we were all Refugees, or relatives of Refugees, at some time in our pasts. 

We have attempted to Walk many miles in their shoes and provide on this site many items that could be helpful. The site is also mindful of many other Aid workers, Medical teams and 

the doctors. 

Almost every medical book is available under our link 'MEDICAL BAG' for their use in off trail medical assistance. We have included lots of support information in the Safe use of Homeopathic remedies. With lots of research and it's own collections of medical books. 

Many sources for World maps are available.