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Abstract Rules & Theories


Abstract Rules & Theories


 All this to maintain their control of "marketplace 1993." Lets take a look and discover the answers we need to know, from the experts that profess to know them.

The Federal Drug Administration. In one year alone, 1978, the F.D.A. stated that one and one-half million, that's about that entire population of Boston, Massachusetts needing hospitalization. Hospitalized because of drugs they had taken to cure their complaints. Thirty percent of these people are further damaged by the therapy that they are given for the original mistakes. (Townsend, 1992 10)

All Drugs Have Symptoms. All orthodox drugs contain the possibilities of serious symptoms. These may not occur until a year or two after the drug has been taken. This leads the doctor and the patient to believe that they are still ill. Or to think, "Now look what I've got." For which they will get more medication. This terminates in the death of an estimated 300,000 people a year, (Sullivan 1991). 

Preventive Medicine at Harvard University. Here are some additional thoughts to account for the rationale which is killing so many people a year. While studying a course in preventive medicine at Harvard University, I heard statements of the many medical doctors that lectured. Such as, "Pneumonia is treated with penicillin and a stethoscope" (so much for individual treatment).

Other important statements were, "Drugs have become stronger than they used to be forty years ago", "The full scope of a new drug may be unknown for ten years or more after its conception." My favorite quote was: "This family of drugs cures, we are quite happy to have this family, it is the ONLY one that cures a patient." However, in the very next breath, the same doctor continues to tell the class; "This family of drugs has been known to cause renal (kidney) failure."

Compounds of Drugs. Another important point to consider is that drugs are usually not given by themselves. Routine compounds of many different drugs, makes the business of taking any drug, a `risky business'.

Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes

"If a doctor gave a placebo to one hundred of his patients, ninety of them would get better."

When was the last time you heard of someone getting a placebo?

There are approximately 2500 drugs that are currently available to the orthodox physician. These are listed in the Physicians Desk Reference. Drugs are manufactured by 250 drug firms in the United States alone. Each of these firms will have an average of ten branches throughout the rest of the world. As you can imagine large amounts of time and money are being invested. Like any business, they must show a profit.

Drugs and Profits. To continue their profits the major drug companies take advantage of orthodox medical doctors. The doctors depending on the drug salesmen to inform them of the newest available drugs and the currently known side effects. One example of this trust of 'salesmen teaching doctors', is known when about a drug called Valium, a tranquilizer, and its generic equivalent Diazepam. The prices of these drugs remain fixed and manipulated so that Valium selling in the U.S. will cost $10 dollars. Yet this same drug selling in a Third World country, sells for $74 dollars (Illich, 1976 66).

Why the expense?

To promote Valium, its manufacturer Hoffman and LaRouche spent more than $200. million dollars. In addition, they commissioned two hundred medical doctors to write glowing testimonials, and scientific? Articles, praising their drug (Illich, 1976 66).

Forbes magazines, Annual Report of American Industry showed that in 1984, the drug industry's median net profit was 10.6%, three times that of other reported industries. This same report, in January of 1993, states the median net profit at 22.4%. Should there have been an increase in the nine years of time? Sure, but not double, and not to blackmail the population, in times of personal and economic, depression stress (Forbes, 1993 163).

Dangerous Drugs and Excessive Profits. Speaking of expensive drugs, Former Secretary Of U.S. Health Education and Welfare, Dr. Joseph A. Calafano cites the drug Centoxin. This drug is used to treat infections that a patient acquires during their stay in a hospital. Its also known to cause fatal toxic shock, and is sold for $3,800 per dose! (Calafano 1986).

Of course, the drug companies can't make a profit if the American public is not buying. The news is that they are. They are purchasing and creating the following statistics. Seventy seven Billion prescription pills, 5 Billion of which are tranquilizers. Makes the U.S. the most drug dependent nation in the world (Sullivan, 1991).

These are not encouraging figures if people are going to be told to wake up and start taking responsibility for what they put into their bodies. With the above figures they won't even hear the message coming .

There are some remedies worse than the disease.

Publicus Syrus, 42 B.C.

Live Longer Without Chemistry. One old lady of my acquaintance had been grossly obese (more than 300 Lbs). She disliked vegetables, loved junk food, never exercised, and lived to 92. From her niece I learned her secret: she took no drugs. This woman's' sister, who lived to 96, also took no drugs and her Grandmother-in-law lived to 106....Maybe the real longevity common denominator, a tabooed parameter...will turn out to be freedom from medical drugging (Townsend 1992).

Drugs, Orgasms and The Berlin Wall." Today, the drug industry is having a second orgasm with the tearing down of the Wall in Germany," as noted by

Dr. David Gregory, M.D.:

"Our German representative (salesman for a drug company) has actually described East Germany as the last `Garden Of Eden' for the drug companies, because they can just sell like mad the drugs that they produce, at enormous profit" (W.G.B.H. video 1993).

Premerin is Unsafe: Alternatives Are Unproven. From the Townsend Newsletter to Doctors: "Ironically, the same medical establishment that produced the unproven form of Premerin that killed my wife, regularly excoriates as 'dangerous' and 'unproven' many alternative 'unapproved' (translate competitive) cancer therapies, which although they often cure and are at worst harmless, have been outlawed and driven to foreign shores where freedom of medical choice is a reality." (Townsend, 1992 52)

George Bernard Shaw in the Doctors Dilemma, 1913

Nature has the phagocytes...a natural means of...destroying all disease germs. There is at bottom only one genuine scientific treatment for all diseases, and that is to stimulate the phagocytes...drugs are a delusion (Townsend, 1992 52).

Drug Use Judged a Failure

Dr. Arnold Mandell, a San Diego, California, psychiatrist: "The use of drugs to treat everything from anxiety to insomnia, to schizophrenia itself has to be judged a failure. Few patients, if any, are cured. the most violent manifestations of mental illness can be controlled, but with what long term consequences, no one knows." He continues by saying, "One of the common drugs used for schizophrenia, actually makes the disorder worse, and that Tricyclic antidepressants, increase the rate of mood cycling, leading to long-term increases in the numbers of relapsing episodes." (Gleick, 1987 298).

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