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Very important Insight From Dr. Lipton. Read 

about Where and What Russia is doing now,

to support their people, and to prevent what is

now happening in America!  

From Dr. Lipton -                                                                                

May 2016

"Hello Dear Friends, Cultural Creatives, and 

Emerging Imaginal Cells,


In Spontaneous Evolution, Steve Bhaerman 

and I emphasize that the behavior of our 

current civilization has so adversely altered the 

environment, we are now facing the planet’s 

sixth mass extinction. 

An important consideration 

is that a needed sustainable civilization cannot be 

built on the faulty cultural foundations responsible 

for generating today’s global crises.

The period of transition, as a declining civilization 

gives way to an emerging civilization, is marked 

by behavioral chaos. Watched the news lately? 

Welcome to the evolution! Nowhere is this more 

evident than in the Trump-Clinton presidential 

race, a “reality TV show” that represents a major 

symptom of a country on the brink of upheaval.

There are many factors contributing to the 

required downfall of our civilization. In the past, 

I have emphasized that the activities and collusion 

of the pharmaceutical and industrial-farming 

corporations are knowingly undermining the 

health and intelligence of the population. The 

motivation for the actions of the 1-percenters 

controlling these industries is for more than just 

greed; it is also an effort to suppress the unrest 

now brewing among the nutritionally, 

economically and intellectually impaired 99% 

of the population.

I am not the only voice in the wilderness trying 

to bring this knowledge to the public. While the 

efforts of my colleagues and myself have had 

some small impact, it has been hard to reach the 

general population. Finally a head of state, in fact, 

one of the superpowers, has now championed this 


He stated that, “We as a species have the choice 

to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a 

healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the 

Western example of recent decades and 

intentionally poison our population with 

genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, 

vaccinations, and fast food that should be 

classified as a dangerous, addictive drug.”

He further described the average government-

controlled Westerner as an “intensively vaccinated 

borderline autistic 

fat man slumped in front of a 

screen battling a high-fructose corn syrup 


While his sentiments will raise the 

hackles of the average American, the fact is, 

Russian President Vladimir Putin is right.

Vladimir Putin??? Even I am surprised I am 

quoting Putin! But the truth is, he’s correct in his 


According to CDC statistics, in 2013, prescription 

drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, and opioids 

(regulated by the government) are responsible for 

482,636 deaths per year in the States, while 

“illegal” drugs (heroin, cocaine) only killed 13,201 

people. The total number of deaths attributed to 

marijuana in that same period is 0. In fact, 

pharmaceutical drug side effects are a leading 

cause of iatrogenic illness (illness due to medical 


which itself is the third leading cause 

of death in the States according to statistics 

provided by the American Medical Association. If 

there is a “war on drugs,” then. by all means, it 

should be directed toward the pharmaceutical 


Among the many industrial “food” products that 

have a negative impact on our health, high 

fructose corn syrup has been shown to profoundly 

impair behavior and interfere with learning when 

compared to the use of conventional sugar. 

Interestingly, corn syrup production is a crop 

subsidized by the government. Citizens’ tax 

money is used to reduce the cost of this product 

so the poorest households in our country can 

massively consume it, and in the process, be 

“quieted” down.

In response to the population’s efforts of securing 

healthy, nutrient-enriched food that does not 

undermine the health of the planet, Putin is 

giving away land (i.e., for free) to people willing 

to farm using biodynamic, organic and sustainable 


Putin has already put a stop to the production of all 

GMO-containing foods, which the international community perceived as a major 

step in the fight against multinational corporations

like Monsanto and Syngenta. His long-range 

vision is for Russia to become the world’s “leading 


of non-GMO foods produced using 

“ecologically clean” practices.

Putin’s claim that vaccines are directly associated 

with health issues are in contrast to the frantic 

efforts of industry-sponsored research to dispel 

that belief. Recently, a court in Italy bucked the 

system by ruling that common MMR vaccines are 

the cause of autism. Interestingly, this ruling was 

blacked-out by the U.S. news media to “protect” 

the public from what the powers-to-be consider 

as “bad ideas.” 

Putin’s study revealed that there 

is a huge conflict of interests between the 

government agencies (e.g., FDA and CDC) that 

regulate vaccines and the corporations that 

approve and implement the vaccines.

The problem with Putin’s criticism of our health 

and food production methods is … Putin. After 

years of experiencing Putin’s strong-arm tactics 

and inflaming rhetoric, the West has turned a 

blind eye toward anything that comes from his 

office.  Unfortunately, Putin’s accusations are 

actually true and we will, as usual, dismiss his 

claims as more communist political saber rattling.

Yet, the writing is now on the wall and we must 

ultimately deal with these issues in order to 

secure a vibrant healthy future for our families 

and ourselves. Personally, I see Putin’s 

“bad news” as “good news.” While the general 

population would prefer to ignore his comments, 

the younger (Millennial) generation, whose future 

is in greatest jeopardy, is forging a new path 

that will enable them to recover their personal 

power and take charge of their health.

Instead of yelling foul over his remarks, I would

 rather say, “Thanks. Putin … we needed that!”


With Love and Light,

Bruce Lipton

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