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Blood, Blood and even more- ! !

by David Cleveland

Leaches 2011

 ANOTHER example of the non-scientific,

treadmill type of medicine that is used today. I offer further

evidence against orthodox medicines use of blood, and its

misconceptions about blood, especially considering the blood 

transmitted diseases (Aids) that are plaguing the world today.

Blood Cannot Be Purified

First, the experience of Dr. Alonzo Shadman, an M.D. and

a surgeon, and owner of the Forest Hills Hospital, in Boston,

MA.. Here are a few of Dr. Shadmans thoughts on transfusions 

that are collaborated by other researchers.

A lot of propaganda is circulated about purifying the blood

and using only the clean residue, it cannot be done. The

bloodletting of yore has been superseded by blood

transfusions of today. Of all the ridiculous medical practices

of the past and present times, this present blood craze is the worst. It is not only useless where functional blood is used,

but often deadly where whole blood is used. Blood once

removed from the body becomes a dead, abhorrent, loathsome substance no matter how fractionalized or

preserved. It can serve no purpose whatever in the sickness

of any kind. In place of blood transfusions, one should use

normal saline, which is the basis for all blood....In

performing upwards of twenty thousand surgical operations,

I never gave a blood transfusion and never had a patient die 

from the lack of it.

If one is headed for diabetes, cancer tuberculosis, etc. The

poisons which eventually produce such diseases are in the

blood first and remain there.

Every individual has his own type of blood and since no

two are exactly alike, you cannot with impunity put another

person's blood into your veins no matter how well typed 

(Shadman, 1958, 132-3).

One harsh treatment or theory, on failing, was soon replaced by a new, equally unproven theory in orthodox medicine. Royalty can

be shown to have been the worst sufferers, because of the

many doctors that would attend to them.

Leeches in Orthodox Medicine

Dr. Philip Syng Physick, a leading surgeon in the 1800's

prescribed leeches for a bad case of inflammation of the eyes

The doctor also thought that bleeding was also beneficial in

the case of a dislocation. . . as the blood loss and the resultant 

unconsciousness relaxed patients and made the joint easier to

reset. (Inglis, 1964)

Celsius' attention to what he thought was the therapeutic

value of bleeding, nineteen centuries ago, can take credit

for the mass of blood that was spilled, purged and extracted

from patients today. He would have been happily surprised

during the life of President George Washington and later.

Celsius would observe that bloodletting was the law of the

society. A procedure that the medical doctor must perform

for the patient. (Atkinson, 1956)

So when it came about that orthodox medicine legally bled

George Washington to death, "These doctors were not

criticized, not then, not in their lifetime... only when the

event could be analyzed in the glaring light of history, was

there just criticism of a most absurd, cruel act." 

(Shadman, 1958 237)

Most of these techniques have been discredited. However,

over the ensuing years, orthodox medicine, in their futile

search to find techniques that work, refer  back to the 'good

ole days.'

A Phlebotomist took a pint of blood a week, from one person I am 

personally aware of, to lower his elevated blood iron content, 1993, is

one good example.

At the Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel, they are using leeches to remove the bad blood from

gangrenous areas, circa ...2016.

Leaches 2011