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instructions for your family pet

You've made a survival kit of your own, now it is time to 
take care of those who depend upon you for their survival.

A pet survival kit is important survival gear for anyone 

who loves their pets. When you acquired your pet you took on the 

responsibility of providing for all its needs.

And that includes helping your pet survive come what 


The Importance of Pet Survival Kits

Having the proper pet survival kit goes beyond ensuring 

that your favorite animal is well taken care of.

For example, during large scale survival scenarios, such 

as the Katrina episode 

when hurricanes strike populated areas, pets are often 

let loose in vast 

numbers because their owners cannot properly 

take care of them. 

Packs of roaming dogs 

are a danger to the community as they attempt to 

survive on their own.


exotic birds, and other pets may develop breeding 

populations that cause 

environmental havoc proceding the survival emergency.

How to Make a Pet Survival Kit

It is the responsibility of all pet owners to properly 

prepare for pet survival. 

The best pet survival kits will contain at least the 

following items or 


  • Recent pictures of your pet placed both in the pet 
  • survival kit and on  your person.
  • A pet survival collar worn by your pet that contains 
  • the pet’s id, name and 
  • Address, phone number, rabies tag, and license.
  • Have all your pets’ shots up to date.
  • Your pet’s vaccination documents.
  • Pet Health records.
  • Complete array of pet medications should be 
  • in the pet survival kit.
  • An extra leash.
  • A pet carrier or a pet cage.
  • Water and food bowls.
  • A two week pet survival food supply.
  • Several gallons of clean drinking water.
  • A hand can opener (not electric!).
  • A pet waste disposal system including newspapers, 
  • cat littler, poop 
  • scoop, 
  • bleach, and plastic garbage bags.
  • A list containing detailed special instructions for the 
  • care of each pet.
  • Grooming supplies and toys.
  • The pet survival kit should contain clean pet bedding.

Put the contents of the pet survival kit into an easy to 

transport container.

Pet Survival Plan

You also need to have a pet survival plan that considers 

the needs of   your pet for any situation. Know the locations 

of local shelters for both you and your pets 

and ask if they accept pets during survival situations.

You can also place pet locator decals on windows in your 

home so that 


responders know the likely location of pets should an 

emergency occur.

Your pet’s survival depends upon you even when times 

are easy. When 


is at stake, you need to be prepared to continue caring 

for your pets so 

that they 

come out alive and healthy. A pet survival kit is required 

gear for any pet 


"Happiness-Health And Love to Everyone"

And Yes, we do need many people to help with all phases
of building and fund raising. THANKS!

What are Refugees? Refugee Implies a person escaping their home under the

impending dangers of the life threatening effects of war and other terrorist actions.

They become homeless; without their daily needs, for an unknown time. These needs

include health care; water; food; baby needs; human rights; often they have to escape

their own country; clothing and ability to clean clothes; toilets and hygiene; social

companion ships; safety. We have attempted to capture live video and interviews of

Refugee needs; shelters; food and water availability; and their needs when they

arrive in a new location and it's safety and dangers. Also free foods that are available in

the wild, what they look like; what parts of the wild foods are edible and if they need

preparation. A recent Operation Medicorp You-Tube videos show how to make knots;

cross a dangerous water crossing; capture and prepare wild animals for eating; how to

built many types of shelters and methods to stay warm/cool in varying locations. Many

well known refugees and their survivals as refugees are also touched on to emphasize

that we were all Refugees, or relatives of Refugees at some time in our pasts. We have

attempted to Walk many miles in their shoes and provide on this site many items that

could be helpful. The site is also mindful of many other Aid workers, Medical teams and

the doctors. Almost every medical book is available under our link 'MEDICAL BAG' for

their use in off trail medical assistance. We have included lots of support information in

the Safe use of Homeopathic remedies. With lots of research and it's own collections

of medical books. Many sources for world maps World maps; SALT WATER TO FRESH WATER;MAP OF LESVOS GREECE; WE'RE REFUGEES TOO; SAMANTHA BEE; VACCINES ARE POISONOUS9-THE LANCET MEDICAL MAGAZINE); BULLYING;Tony Robbins; S... O--- S... and Poisoning help;Harvard University and stress;Humor & comedy as a healing technique; Contact Operation-Medicorp; happiness;Health & Love for you; U.S. Army Support; U.S. Army Support and wilderness alarms;Anatomy 001-999 For Doctors & Medical Teams in the field; dangerous Animals; Nutrition for Animals; Helping animals survive;